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A Little Bit Country, A Whole Lot Summertime

Posted by Robyn / August 3, 2006

Vetiver, Basia Bulat, Orillia Opry [VIDEO] - Wed, July 26, 2006, Sala Rossa

(click photo for video action)
Oh, summertime. If only every day could be all about sitting around, having cold drinks on a porch, looking out at a lake, or a forest grove, listening to the birds and the wind in the trees. I'm not really sure who gets to do this, but I've done it before, for too-short periods of time, so I know it Exists anyway. And when I want to tap into that feeling, perhaps, while, oh, working and sweating my ass off during this heat wave in the city, I listen to certain music. And Vetiver totally hits the spot!

Last week's Vetiver show made me feel like I was in the country somewhere. Maybe Vermont or northern California, maybe at my new favourite cottage+lake, maybe in, like, Kamloops, on the river. Somewhere not in the middle of hot, steamy, bustling Montreal.

Sometimes we all gotta take a break, and when we don't have to drive a long way or take a plane to do it, all the better. And Vetiver just seem like a group of really nice people - in fact, they are really nice people from California. They were even asking about where to buy records here; they wanted to take a walk around town.

Sadly, due to my own music making adventures plus bike riding uphill through a sauna, I missed Orillia Opry, but I will make sure to see them soon, as they are local and, I hear, good. I did see most of Basia Bulat though, and while the music is not totally my thing, her voice is lovely and I can never complain when a band seems to be having fun on stage and people are swaying to the music. I think some people were even dancing, like, in partners. Here's an idea of what her slower songs were like (click photo for video):

And the swaying/dancing/country-but-not-necessarily-Country vibe continued on with Vetiver. I think I spent the whole set smiling and swaying. Even when I was sitting down, pretending I was on a rocking chair on a creaky veranda with a glass of lemonade in my hand and someone playing guitar nearby. Full-on movie stereotype land, sure, but: Wouldn't that be great? It was great.

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