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Title Defenders 33-MTL Defeated!

Posted by Nika / August 7, 2006

2nd iPod Battle @ Club Lambi – Friday August 4

If you missed Montreal’s first ever iPod Battle last May, I’m sure you heard about its surprise success and promised yourself to attend the next one. Okay and if you missed the 2nd edition last Friday… you just a fool.

6 rounds, a semi-final and a rockin’ finale later, local party celebs Peer Pressure (Hatchmatik & Merk Meny) wowed the crowd into a sweaty submission, record high readings on Annie Q’s applause-o-meter ensured their victory. Defenders 33-MTL, quickly defeated during the first round, were surpassed by the Bang Bang team (André de Sorel & DJ Mick) who came in at a exciting close second.

Other worthy contenders were Les Moquettes Coquettes, DJ Pat Dynamite & Chi Chi Colada, Echo Kitty, DJ Heidy & James, Les Remplaçants of Jordan Dare as well as Barbusci & Sophie Cadieux.

True to the first edition, the Battle was packed with the real stars of the competition: the partying public. See to win an iPod Battle, DJs actually build their sets to please the crowd, not simply to mystify them with their knowledge of obscurely boring tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I love discovering new music and I more than appreciate an enthusiastic new reference from a local DJ. But more often than not these days DJs love to show off their spinning prowess by playing undancable tracks that should stay tucked away in their record sleeves.

At an iPod Battle, we are the judges, we crown the victor, we can the losers. If the DJ teams don’t make us rock, if they don’t make us dance, throw our hands in the air, they’re dead meat. Gone are the days of being at the mercy of shitty DJ nights, interactive is the the term of the century. Long live the iPod Battle!



johan forgarty / August 15, 2006 at 03:33 pm
what a joke!
dougcamilli / August 18, 2006 at 10:11 am
Looks like good old fashioned fun.... BARF.

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