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NoMeansNo Q&A

Posted by Matt / September 22, 2006

nomeansno_promo_2006_2.jpg(Editor: Longtime NoMeansNo fan Matt Silver asks the band a bunch of nerdy questions, and John Wright answers them in impressively curt form, demonstrating how accustomed he is, apparently, to nerdy questions. The band plays Sala Rossa on Sept. 26.)

1. You guys have been going so hard for so long, is there a band motto that keeps you in top shape? Some sort of driving idea behind the music that keeps you coming back for more?

No, just enjoying what we're doing and having many fans that continue to enjoy the things we do making it possible to do the things we do.

2. You've pretty much dealt with every dark, twisted, and weird aspect of the male psyche at this point. Is it at all draining to have to take these trips down into the belly of the beast, or is it kind of cathartic to inhabit these characters?

Well, my brother really does the soul mining in the lyrics, so to speak, but from my perspective it is always beneficial to get that emotional release from writing and performing live. Everyone needs to find that outlet in their lives if they can.

3. This is sort of a stock music-journalism question, but there's nobody who's opinion I would rather hear, so here it goes: What are your thoughts on the state of the ole' Rock and Roll music these days? And what are you guys listening to?

Things are more or less they way they have always been I think, loads of schlock and factory outlet music with some great stuff in between ... I personally listen to very little but I really like "Married to Music" from Vancouver, they're a new band.

4. Okay, one personal question: In about 1994 or 95 in Montreal at a show at Cabaret, do you remember having your dressing room busted into after the show and having two raving brothers, one claiming "OLDER BROTHERS RULE" and the other arguing that in fact, "YOUNGER BROTHERS RULE"? Chances are you have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you do remember it, do you remember like, a really fat 14 year old standing in the shadows behind them wearing big dumb glasses?

I afraid I have no mental note of that but I presume it was you...

5. Was that, like, totally a stupid fucking question or what? God, I'm such an idiot, right?

I have nothing against people enjoying moments in their lives a recalling them, I just don't recall that moment.

6. In Mondo Nihilisssimo 2000, you pretty much nail everything wrong with the world these days. Is there any hope?

Despite all the problems out there, life's probably better now for more people then it has ever been in the past. It's just there's so many more of us now, isn't there?

8. Let's just say, for argument's sake, that there was hope. Where would Nomeansno be 21 years from now?

I can't look that far in the future but i can safely say I'll be a lot older.

9. And finally, this last question is optional and you totally don't have to answer it, but it's been plaguing me lo these many years, and I just need to know. When I was about 18 years old, I found myself listening to Dance of The Headless Bourgeoisie, and the cover of the album - the court jester with the two wheelbarrows, one containing Mr. Right and the other with Mr. Wrong - got me to thinking. It occurred to me that since maybe the album Wrong there has been a character who represents each album. Now, my question is, was my teenage brain just reading too much into it? (please say no - I have a very longstanding bet saying that each album represented each of those character's voices and what with inflation, I owe a guy named Nick Paterson a hell of a lot of money if I'm wrong).

Well, there is no concious or deliberate attempt to link various characatures to lyrical content of specific albums but of course it all comes from the same collective imagination so they are intrinsic I suppose ...

Cheers, John



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