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Reggaehead (or Check out RadioDread)

Posted by Jer / September 6, 2006


Maybe you missed Radiohead's recent 2 night stand at Place des Arts.
Maybe Thom Yorke's solo album was a bit too "alienated-boy-goes-to-European-dance-club" for you. Or maybe you never even liked Radiohead because they weren't reggae enough for you.

If any of the above conditions apply, please see the Radiodreadwebsite. I am pretty certain when I say that this is the only legitimate Radiohead Reggae cover band offering their music on the web right now. You can listen to 4 tracks on the web but if you are still hankering for some, you'll have to order the album. If that's not enough, apparently the band also covered Pink Floyd, with an album called Dub Side of the Moon.

As I write this, a link on Boing Boing just came up about a crunk tribute to Radiohead. Awesome. What's next? Maybe this dude will remix The Bends on the Thermin.

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