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Spinto Band / Art Brut / We Are Scientists @ La Tulipe

Posted by Nika / October 17, 2006

pictures by Hilary Thomson

Three bands, one opener and 2 co-headliners: the Also-Ran Buzz Bands Tour. AKA: the-almost-the-next-big-thing-but-not-quite Tour. Damn, they’ve got a great sense of humour.

I saw Spinto Band headline at the Cabaret earlier this year. They seem like a lovely bunch of happy-poppers, strangely too happy, often giving me flashbacks of watching The Beatles circa 1964 in my parents basement when I was a kid. All this to say that I didn’t catch Spinto Band last night at La Tulipe. Little did I know that I was to see them later on that evening.

In all honesty, I only dragged myself out to La Tulipe on a Sunday night to catch UK’s Art Brut, one of most entertaining bands I have ever seen. I had inadvertently seen them play a show in Austin earlier this March as they were part of an Art Rocker label showcase at SXSW, playing between The Ponys and The Grates. I vowed not to ever miss one of their shows.

Never a dull moment, the inimitable Art Brut ripped through most of their classic (already) repetoire and even managed to show off a few promising new tunes. It’s quite basic: Art Brut are the kings of turning the awesome punk rock hook into fun. An out-of-shape singer leads the 4-man and 1-woman (bassist) band, adding lackadaisical, matter-of-fact lyrics that compel you to listen carefully to everything he says, during or in-between each song. The songs tell horribly personal stories about love, love lost, impotent love, little brothers, modern art and other embarassing moments.

Lyrics from the song We Formed A Band
And yes, this is my singing voice / It's not irony / And it's not rock and roll / I'm just talking / To the kids.

Lyrics from the song My Little Brother
My little brother just discovered rock and roll / He's only 22 and he's out of control / He no longer listens to A-sides / He made me a tape of bootlegs and B-sides / And every song on that tape, every single song says / I want our parents to worry about us / All we ever want is our parents to worry about us.

Outside the show after Art Brut, taking drags off a friend's cigarette, my show energy slipped away to where most of my beer money had previously gone. What laid ahead was the scary unknown of a band I thought I didn't like. I had previously heard some stuff from We Are Scientists but nothing memorable, nothing that wouldn't make me cringe with teen-rock angst. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m as curious as a 2 month-old kitten, I would had followed everybody’s lead last night and gone the eff home to enjoy some extra ZZZs. "I'm staying for at least one other beer," I venture. “Good luck with that,” Raph said as he left me alone in front of La Tulipe.

My instincts served me well. Yes, We Are Scientists are completely unenjoyable radio play. How can I explain? It was like having a nightmare and in my nightmare it was like watching the Killers and Billy Talent duke it out on stage. Not only that but in my dream, my coat is in the coat check and due to the massive sudden rush to exit the venue, the whole audience is in line to get their coats and I’m at the end, unable to escape. The fight onstage finally ends, no one is the winner, both bands have KOed each other. The ref calls a rematch… noooooooooooooo!

According to all the yelling in the mic, the Montreal gig last night was the last W.A.S. show on the Also-Ran Tour before they head out to Iceland for the Airwaves Festival. Party was in the air on stage as the whole of Spinto Band and Art Brut joined W.A.S. in a crazy-weird rendition of Hotel California. I sang the guitar solo into my beer as I watched a scene ripped straight from the final Live 8 show, you know the one where just about everyone involved in the thing gets onstage and ruins a perfectly good song? It wasn’t THAT bad considering that Hotel California and a remake of Art Brut’s Bang Bang Rock and Roll were the two best songs W.A.S. played that night.


Note to bands: if you invite girls backstage please have something to offer them. Basking in your rock and roll glory does not cut it. Thanks for listening.



Hans / October 17, 2006 at 09:53 am
Eddie Argos is a legend, but I'm going to miss his creepy porn mustache.
Fred D / October 18, 2006 at 05:01 pm
The show was amazing!!!


WE ARE SCIENTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nika / October 19, 2006 at 07:31 pm
The creepy porn-stash and the trench coat... I'll miss them both.
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