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Wolf Eyes and Ears and Nose and Throat

Posted by Robyn / October 4, 2006

Wolf Eyes, Weise, Pengo, Thames
at Club Lambi, Montreal - Sept 30/06

I'd like to say something to pop music: gggggggggzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcchhhhqqqccccchhhhhq
qqqzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gggggggggujjjjjjjhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhh

my internal organs would also like to say: why you melt us with sound, robyn? and i would like to say to them: it wasn't me, it was Wolf Eyes, and wtf, you knew that was gonna happen, now get back to work.

I'm sure I'll change my tune by tonight, when that (pop) festival vibe kicks in and I get all overcome by people who love to make music, and by the prettiness, or even the rockness, which does exist at said festival despite its name. But right now, I mean, I saw Wolf Eyes on Saturday night, and the memory is hard to shake, especially if you're not trying to shake it.

Okay, so most people who like Wolf Eyes have seen them a minimum of four times by now. I have seen them once, including this time. Gotta start somewhere. So I'm kinda reveling in my first-time high here.

The tracklist of their new album, Human Animal, can help set the tone of what I'm talking about:

01 The Driller
02 Four Strings of Satanic Heritage
03 Rationed Rot
04 Leper War
05 Human Animal
06 Rusted Mange
07 A Million Years of Graveyards
08 Noise Not Music
09 Lake of Roaches

Also, this list of 798780 cds, cd-rs, tapes, 7", split lps and whatever else you can record music onto, is an additional tone setter.

I believe they started with The Driller, or something like it, which in contrast to what came later, "eased" us in. By which I mean, separated my esophagus from my trachea via heavy bass vibration. It directly mocked earplugs. With that out of the way, Wolf Eyes were free to move into the higher frequencies, where earplugs were slightly more useful, but rather a moot point by then. It. was. awesome.

The sounds created by this band make me not want to wear earplugs though, and I found myself taking them out a lot and trying to distinguish what instruments made what sounds - can a guitar do that? Or is that coming from one of the self-constructed boxes of pedals/effects/oscillators/etc etc? Or both?

Some people make fun of bands who get up on stage and "play boxes" instead of "real instruments." But how is a box full of sound capabilities not an instrument? You have to know how it works and know what sounds it can make, just like a guitar. And that stuff can get complex. It can access sounds you didn't even know about, unless you happen to have worked in a quarry. or inside a volcano. or in a place where people scream a lot, in distortion.

But this is music; it is more than straight-up industrial noise. It is Put Together, it is Made. And it Works.

These are the other bands who played, in a similar vein, and should be checked out:
John Weise (from CA, has played with and recorded with Wolf Eyes, is or is involved with Bastard Noise, LHD, Sissy Spacek, Helicopter (label), Sunn O))))))))))))))
Pengo (from NY, Montreal, Rochester, etc. Are good.)
Thames (from Mtl, hiding off the internet, have recorded/played stuff at The Pines.)



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