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Posted by Chip / November 29, 2006

Kid Koala @ le National, November 25th, 2006
The last time I saw Kid Koala was on the Short Attention Span Theatre tour (for his second album, Some of my Best Friends are DJ’s) in what was promoted as a DJ cabaret show. That show delivered a one-of-a-kind, interactive experience complete with DJ battles, Bingo games and big screen projected cartoon-strip readings. Arriving at le National to see the latest tour, I was wondering what kind of concert I would witness this time around.


Throughout the night, Kid Koala provided a repeated reminder, “Just remember, most of what you see on stage started with a dare.” And what might some of these dares be, you ask?
a) perform a skit as a chef, cooking on stage to choreographed instructions
b) invite a crowd member on stage to be blindfolded and swing at a piñata fashioned as a turntable
c) have 3 fans perform a glow-stick dance-off to some fat beats


All of the above were part of the last show of the North American tour for Montreal’s favorite scratch DJ. If the concert were, say, a club sandwich, these interactive interludes provided the proverbial bread to the juicy meat that was the music. You could have one without the other, but why bother when they go so well together? The cooking skit was filmed for possibly starting something with Food TV (Canada), the turntable piñata burst open with streamers and candy that eventually made its way to the audience, and the glow stick dance off…well, let’s just say the dancers weren’t professional, but had fun.


With a perpetual smile on his face, Koala made it clear he meant it when he said it was good to be home; first prompting the crowd with bilingual message boards and then laying down some heavy tracks on his three turntables. Interspersed with new songs from Your Mom’s Favourite DJ, Koala seamlessly mixed in some old school hip hop favourites and heavy rock riffs. And to further demonstrate the diversity of records incorporated, two of the loudest ovations of the night came with mixes of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up, and the intense finale which utilized Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name.

It’s amazing how easy he makes it look – the scratching and mixing. I swear, that guy’s hands – fingers especially, are made of rubber, sticky rubber.


Check out this really cool Koala site.




jonathan / November 29, 2006 at 04:08 pm
good review
very solid show.
Chip / November 29, 2006 at 04:18 pm
Forgot to mention that Kid Koala is currently working on a 3-D short animation featuring musical mosquitos. He played a live sample of what the soundtrack may sound like - imagine a high pitched squeaky record sound with mellow beats in the background (sorry, not a very good desription). The task, as one can imagine seems quite involved and laborious, so it's hard to tell when it will be completed.
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