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The Grain of the Voice

Posted by Jer / November 26, 2006

For years, I used to joke with friends that the guy from Age of Electric had one of the best voices in Canadian rock. I tried to argue that despite what anyone thought of the band's overall contribution to Canadian music, the dude's voice was pretty powerful and had an incredible range. He did the pre-emo post-alternative thing better than most. Before posting this absurd assertion, I reviewed some of their songs/video and although I can't stand by it anymore, I stand by the fact that there was clearly something in his voice that connected with me when I was younger and more foolish (you can thank dedicated AOE You Tubers for the sweet video above...I can't understand why it's only been viewed 339 times?).

I was thinking about voice a few weeks ago at the Lindy show (@ Casa, with Paper Moon). Lindy's a great performer and his songs are worth a listen but what steals the show is his voice. It's confident enough to fill a room but light and creaky when needed. At another show, Chad vanGaalen's ghostly voice also told me to listen up. Sarah Slean's singing sometimes gives me shivers and even though I'm not a fan of Wolf Parade or its 30 side projects, there's something in Spencer Krug's vocals that keeps me listening to his songs even though I don't think I like them.

I'm not going to get into the essay from which this post takes its title (by this guy), other than to say that there's something in voices that creates an intimate connection that goes beyond the music. What I'm interested in is what other people think are the best Canadian voices out there. Since best is, at best, subjective, I'm not really looking for a definitive list, just a collection of opinions on what voices you like and why. If you care to comment, leave the name of the singer, the band, and a brief blurb on what makes it a great voice. Even though I've been talking rock, feel free to throw up any genre. But, for now, lets keep it Canadian. Also, if you care to admit that you too found something alluring in the guy from Age of Electric's voice, let me know... we can start a discussion group.



J Mac / November 26, 2006 at 08:57 pm
I confess to loving the AoE guy's voice (first time I've acronymed them, I swear) a decade or so ago. Not this song, though -- I want to believe that I wouldn't have liked it then, either -- but I always dug Untitled. Those were the days. Sorta.

Really, though, Canadian voices of note: Ruth Minnikin, a Haligonian who appears on Joel Plaskett's first solo record, The Heavy Blinkers' albums, and stuff by the sadly defunct Guthries, plus some solo things of her own, I think. She's got one of those dreamy, lazy voices that you can't fake. I like Plaskett's, too, actually, because it's just a bit goofy and off, but he sings it like he means it anyway. John K. Samson of the Weakerthans makes my list -- his voice practically defines being Canadian and being a pussy (in the sensitive positive, non-frat boy-meathead sense).
OJ / November 27, 2006 at 10:10 am
Not sure about the best Canadian voice but I've got a love-hate relationship with both Jim Cutty and Geddy Lee. Cutty's voice seems way too smooth at times, I feel guilty for listening. And, well, I relate Geddy Lee to stopping to look at a horrible accident. You know the voice is annoying, but you continue to listen...why is that?
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