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They're back! A rambling interview with The Grates

Posted by Nika / November 30, 2006

enjoy this slightly off-synch video from CdG

Has November whipped you into grey submission? Are you about ready to slay the next person that accidentally grazes you on your metro ride home? Are you seriously thinking of starting a Xanax regimen? Contemplating light therapy?

Like most sites on the innernut, Midnight Poutine does not have the proper acceditation to suggest an antidote to your waning sanity. But take it from someone with full credits in Rock Therapy: this Saturday will make you smile. Australian bounce-rockers, The Grates will be headlining (instead of opening) at the Main Hall with openers The Life and Times and Bad Flirt.

MP: How has hard-core touring affected your constitution?
Patience Hodgson (sings): There are so many awesome things about being in a band, like partying every night and having friends everywhere in the world. But eating good food seems to change our perspective of everything.
Alana Skyring (plays drums): We don’t have time to see the cities really, but getting a chance to eat food specific to a city gives us insight.

MP: Yeah I saw you enjoyed a Montreal poutine this past summer…

MP: Have your Montreal friends taught you any French yet ?
Alana: No. We’ve learned a couple of phrases when we went to Paris, but I’ve forgotten them all.
Patience : “Merci beaucoup?”

MP: Nice.

MP: Any good border crossing stories?

Patience: The customs officer was being a real hardass, but she was saying “aboot” and “you will get kicked oot”. It was really funny because she we were trying so hard not to laugh.

MP: You describe yourselves as “3 best friends that play music for 30 min to 1 hour”. After all this touring are you still best friends?
Alana: We’re a really nice mix of people. Not that we’ve had terrible people, except for that one guy… our previous insane manager.
Patience: He was a really nice guy but we drove him insane. I think we tipped him over the edge, drove the last nail into the coffin of crazy. We have all these open ways of dealing with stress, whereas he would just act like relaxed but would turn bright red. Then he started destroying our stuff.

MP: Destroying your stuff?
Patience: And hotel rooms.

MP: You played in Manhattan on September 11th this year, see any stars in NYC?
Alana: John Spencer, last year.
John: I saw Gene Simmons once.
Patience: And John was kissed by Fabrizio from the Strokes.

MP: Jealous!
John: We saw Drew Barrymore too.
Patience: Drew is short. You know what? Everybody is short. I’m not fucking kidding.
MP: I saw a show on Paris Hilton recently…
John Patterson (plays guitar): She is fabulous! She’s a recording artist.

MP: Have you guys ever eaten at White Castle?
John: That’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. I just took a bite and started out straight away. I bought a shirt, it’s a cool shirt but I hate White Castle.
Patience: White Castle is the worst thing I have ever eaten. Their burgers are like 15 cents each.

MP: Are you guys signed to a label yet?

Patience: We’re signed to Universal Canada here. When you hear Universal Canada you think that sounds huge, but it’s not. The whole office is like 3 people. It’s like Universal Perth back home.



tone / December 1, 2006 at 09:18 am
The Grates are actually playing the Main Hall next saturday...not Sala Rosa!
VV / December 1, 2006 at 04:54 pm
Do you know at what time they are playing?
Nika / December 2, 2006 at 02:24 pm
Corrected! Force of habit I guess... and wishful thinking.
No idea about the set times.
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