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2006 Rocked All My 2006 Parts: A List (of Shows)

Posted by Robyn / December 29, 2006

I go to shows! I went to many shows in 2006! Most of them were good! I am now going to "list" some of those "shows"! But first, a helpful venn diagram of dubious accuracy:
venn diagram 1.jpg

What are these "shows" though? And why "list"? I realize that people who are into music/theInternet/computers/purebred-animals/race-cars/porn
sometimes speak their own language, which is both confusing and frustrating to other people who are not so into those things. I really try not to do that, but then, like when someone tells you not to think about your breathing and then you do and start to worry about if you really can keep up this breathing thing because it seems so difficult and repetitive and ultimately pretty boring, I do it anyway.

"Shows" are what we in the music-loving business call "live performances by bands (at venues smaller than the Bell Centre)" - (those are called "Concerts" or "No.") (haha, i am totally joking about "No." I am just bitter because I didn't get to go see Slayer.) And "lists" are a music/etc.-loving business standard everyone makes fun of but does anyway because they can't help themselves (see above).

I mean, how am I supposed to go food shopping or know how to choose a boyfriend or categorize the minutiae (and majoriae) of my past, present or future life without them?? I read somewhere that successful people are list-making people and heard also that list-making people can be awesome. Here is a simple venn diagram as proof:
venn diagram - lists.jpg
So this is also sort of like the makeup exam for the shows i went to and was supposed to review but then didn't review for whatever reason (tired, busy, drunk/stoned, zombie-ninja fighting, prepping my cats for blue ribbons, making rice out of confetti). Now, here, I make it up to the world! Get prepared for learning and fun!

The only thing is that I am unable to put things in order in lists. I am not so good at hierachies. But I am also not so good at anarchies. Bulleted lists were made for people like me! I have even brought my own bullet.

Robyn's List of Favourite Shows of 2006 in Order of Random

3 Venn Diagram.JPG Growing, Tim Hecker, Ghost Limbs @ The Pines, Sept 16
- so great, so relaxed yet so awake, love guitars and sound waves, love Growing maybe too much? no, impossible. the whole show just fit together in that rare and awesome way.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Jack Rose, Peter Walker, Harris Newman @ Sala Rossa, Dec 8
- one guy with a guitar x3 yet so different and inspiring every time. i think i levitated a couple of times, seriously, literally - music is some powerful stuff, dudes.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Magnolia Electric Co., Destroyer @ Sala Rossa, March 26
- i've seen songs:ohia/mag elec co several times in the past several years, and each time was different. And though my musical leanings have leaned away from what they used to be when these were two of my favourite bands, I loved this show and these bands are still great.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Terrastock 6, Providence, RI, April 21-23
- perhaps i'm cheating here, as this did not happen in Montreal, but there were people from Montreal there, right? yes. And we spent two and a half days at the best festival i could ask for at this time in my life - lots of different music (yes, Charalambides and Lightning Bolt together at last!), totally great people/friends, lovely drive through vermont and seaside excursion, felt totally privileged, alive and in love with the world.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Suoni Per Il Popolo @ Casa del Popolo & Sala Rossa, Montreal, June 1-25
- and this is Montreal's answer to the Terrastock principle! It's a good answer! okay so i'm definitely cheating by grouping all these together, but whatever, it was a festival! (and, as above link proves, I did write reviews for many of these!)
- Josephine Foster, Diane Cluck, White Flower, June 2 - i was sort of surprised at how much i loved this show, which is weird because it was obviously going to be powerful/lovely/weird
- Jack Rose, June 3 - pretty awesome, he also played with Glenn Jones at this show
- Mammatus, Residual Echoes, Plastic Crimewave Sound, June 4 - i heart mammatus maybe too much but am okay with that
- Bardo Pond, June 10 - i love this band, i even love the flute parts.
- USA is a Monster, AIDS Wolf, June 16 - i can only hope to harness my own craziness in such ways
- Mouthus, June 18 - whoa. maybe this is extreme, but, everyone: see mouthus before you die.
- Excepter, June 23 - even though i am still trying to figure this band out, i'm totally into them
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Troum, Aidan Baker, Tim Hecker, This Quiet Army @ Casa del Popolo, Nov 18
- again, i am in love with guitars and sound waves. drone me to the end of time.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG The Unireverse, Ste-Sophie, Brooke Crouser@ Zoobizarre, July 8
- possibly my favourite Unireverse show! totally took me somewhere else on a magic keyboard carpet, i'm telling you. and Brooke's guitar+pedals blew me away.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG White Mice, Athletic Automaton, Hambourghinni, To Live and Shave in LA @ Friendship Cove, Aug 31
- sometimes you just need to see some bands in some costumes and you need to see them go a little crazy. sweaty, loud bro-down, i dig you.
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Comets on Fire @ Sala Rossa, Sept 6
- i love this band and their rocknroll stylins and all the beer&whiskey they make me drink
3 Venn Diagram.JPG Animal Collective @ La Tulipe, Feb 22
- so while the front row of the balcony at la tulipe doesn't offer much in the way of comfort, it does offer decent sight-and-sound lines + i needed to sit down, as it was february and february is hard, but that just made Animal Collective all the better. yaay for yelling and beats and weird noises and naturesounds and the people who make them into great music!

Well, whoa, this has been an interesting/dizzying trip down memory lane via my rough memory, internet information-land, and my semi-meticulous datebook keeping. Hey, 2006, you were okay. Maybe I said some mean things, maybe I meant some of them, maybe I didn't, but we're all okay in the end, right? Let's hug. ow. really, ow, too hard, eff off, we're over, Over. That's all you can really say though, some good, some not so good, and some listworthy.

Here's to 2007, skewed venn logic, global coolening, less worry more love, happytimez for happypeoplez, music evarywhere.

(p.s. i would've listed Triceratreetops' first show here but then, y'know, i was super-biased on that one. but holy crap was it fun. alert alert! everyone!: be in a band, now!)



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