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Rock the Cradle

Posted by Chip / December 5, 2006

This morning, while still in a sleepy haze after hitting snooze on my clock-radio, I was locked in to one of those half-dream / half-conscious cure2.jpgstates. And for some reason I was wondering why I was sleeping in a baby's crib. Although it seemed unusual, the dream-state part of my psyche was perfectly at ease with the whole soothing situation. After all, I was in my bed, snuggled under the covers and relaxing while listening to musical lullabies. Lullabies? My half-conscious state quickly decided that this was too weird and woke me up, only to realize that the lullabies were emanating from my radio - tuned to CBC Radio One's Day Break show.

The lullabies I was listening to were not just your standard rock-a-bye-baby variety, but rather in tune to classic rock songs. Led Zeppelin, Metallica and the Cure were all samples played during this brief bit. I was intrigued.

It seems that every new Christmas shopping season home_rplayer.gif
(I'm assuming that we are now in the midst of this) brings with it new inventions for the whole family - baby included. Baby Rock Records has put out a set of 18 albums of lullabies, covering some of rock’s most popular bands. Included (besides the aforementioned) are the Ramones, Radiohead, U2, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Queens of the Stone Age.

As I listened to the first few samples, I was taken in by the novelty. As I listened more, I realized it was elevator music, for babies. Still, it may beat listening to the same boring lullaby over and over as you put your baby to bed night after night, while also starting your baby on the path to musical appreciation.

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