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Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump @ Divan Orange - Friday 10pm

Posted by Nika / January 5, 2007


About 2 years ago, Montreal was blessed (and some argue cursed) with being recognized as the hottest new musical city in North America. Like magic, the music media pricked up their ears and tuned their receivers to all that is Montreal, allowing indie rockers like Arcade Fire, Stars, Wolf Parade and The Dears to get noticed and to make waves on the international plane.

Now before some music snob tries to start a debate in the comments section about the validity of the local music scene, I’d like to point out that this intense media attention has gone a long way in encouraging Montreal musicians to get their shit together, record their EPs, play shows and renew their faith in making it big.

So I’m going to start introducing you, savvy readers, to the lesser-known musical bunch of Montreal, familiarize you all with those mysterious band names you see plastered on every post up and down St-Laurent and get you out to those shows to support our rock and roll brethren.

Coming up this Friday January 5th at the Divan Orange we have locals Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, a stripped down rock trio with a sense of humour.

OK, what’s up with name? Well, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is actually the name of a cliff in Alberta that was used by aboriginals for over 6000 years to run unsuspecting buffalo down off it’s side, to their deaths below. Of the three band members, (Joe McLean on vocals and guitar, Dave Luciak on bass and Brent Skagford on drums) both Dave and Brent hail originally from Calgary, where school visits to the actual Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump were the norm.

What do they play? Raw rock, power chords with snazzy lyrics. Joe explains further, “It’s nerd rock. We play simple punk chords, but we’re too reserved to do punk…and proud of it.”

What’s the story? The three nerd-punkers met during their improv shows at Theatre Ste-Catherine where Joe and Brent flex their on-stage antics and Dave “does sound and lights”. The theatre basement also doubles as their jam space.

Show history? The guys have been around. Over the year and a half they’ve been together they have shared the stage with CPC Gangbangs, Starving Hungry, Katie Moore, The Lovely Feathers, L’il Andy and were also one of the herd of bands playing at the Petit Déjeuner Stampede this past summer.

Discography? Nothing yet, I stress the yet. The band is presently in studio recording their debut EP which is set to be gracing merch tables this March.

This Friday (tonight!) the band open for The Unionist Ministers and you can catch both bands for a measly 5 bucks. Joe plans on making the show “something to remember” and intends on wearing his seersucker jacket.



Annie Q. / January 9, 2007 at 01:36 am
All Hail Seersucker Jackets !
Hilary / January 9, 2007 at 06:37 pm
Good show, I found that Head Smashed in made the best impression.... good songs.

and a fine Seersucker jacket it was.
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