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More Katie Moore

Posted by Cat / January 26, 2007

KatieMoore_Casa.jpgAs promised yesterday, here is the aforementioned interview (to use the term loosely) with Katie Moore. The dear-heart managed to fire of answers to my ridiculous questions (I clearly have no business being a music critic/interviewer) pretty much between songs. (Alright, maybe she squeezed in a moment between full-time work and a last-minute, full-on band for soundcheck). Grace under pressure personified! In the end, Ms. Moore was backed not only by Warren Spicer, but had the support of bass, drums, fiddle, and the accordian stylings of Socalled. The set rawked and my feet never stopped tapping, even through the sad songs (despite stern glances from those near by). But enough about me, onto Ms. Moore!

MP: I understand that your parents were both Brits, who moved to Alberta
(your birthplace) then brought the family to Hudson when you were but
knee-high to a grasshopper. What, then, was the earliest influence on your
songwriting: the comic stylings of Flanders & Swann, Alberta Slim's Rocky
mountain yodel, Jehane Benoit's cookery books (in particular "Cooking
Lamb... for sheer pleasure", published by the Canada Sheep Council, March
1974), or the grasshopper?

KM: Ha!

MP: Okay, seriously. Who were your earliest country, roots, and/or bluegrass

KM: Basically, i listened to whatever my dad was into. My mum liked blues
but My dad was into folk/country. They moved to Alberta from Bristol
and basically embraced everything Canadian. Including the music -- so
pops was into Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and then just country/folk
stuff in general: Dolly Parton, Emilou Harris, Don Williams, Townes
van Zandt, Jim Croce and yes, even the judds! so i guess those were my
influences too. But also Raffi -- he rocked! and then when i started
choosing music for myself (between the milli vanilli and rick astley
phases) i started listening to hank wiliams, kitty wells, the louvin
brothers, loretta lynn Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley.

MP: But just to backtrack for a sec, do you like roasted lamb? Or would you
prefer a poached forelle pear with port reduction and a Roquefort tuille?

KM: i like rack of lamb. there's nothing like a juicy, rare rack. but pass
the cheese, please. (Atta girl!)

It certainly seems that the average age of both listeners to, and makers
of country music is getting decidedly younger. Would you agree? Can you
attribute this to anything, or anyone, in particular? And do you think the
word "alt-country" is a truism, or a branding tool?

KM: I can't say i've noticed that listeners or music makers are getting
younger, i guess, because i grew up with it, listening to it, doing
it, and i was young too, so i didn't notice. for as long as i've been
to the wheel club on Cavendish Street there have been young and old
people alike there.
Wait, what am i talking about, there was that johnny cash revival --
from those American Solitary Man albums he did. Where loads of kids
heard him for the first time and realized he was a force and i think
that opened up people's ears to look for other stuff like that. And
the white stripes produced that album with Loretta Lynn. And the 50th
anniversary of Hank Williams' death -- all that probably contributed
to more attention, which gets people listening and digging.

As for alt-country, i guess it's a branding tool, but no more than any
other musical genre.

We hear the term "Americana" bandied about a lot these days, loosely
referring to that great American song-bag of not just old-timey and
Appalachian styles, but to music that runs the whole "country" gamut, and
even bridges some classic pop and rock tunes. Do you think we will start
hearing the term "Canadiana" and what might your ideal "Canadiana" set
involve? (or did you already manage to renew your passport and you just
don't give a shit?)

KM: No, next is NAFTA-ricana, which will include music of USA-CAN-Mexico.

MP: Favourite breakfast food:

KM: old-style oatmeal, raisins, berries, cinnamon

MP: Favourite Dolly Parton quote:

KM: "i never claimed that i stole the song directly"

MP: What are you listening to right now that keeps your heart humming and
your toes tapping waaaaaay past your bedtime?

KM: Karen Dalten -- got it from my secret santa!

MP: You are, of course, your own inimitable, angelic, wonderfully melodious
and sumptuously harmonious Katie Moore self, but if pressed (consider
yourself pressed) would you describe yourself as more of a tea-drinking
Exene Cervenka or a meat-eating Gillian Welch?

KM: Gilly!

Katie Moore, you are a sport and I thank you heartily for your time!



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Katie Moore is the BEST. Period.
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