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The Corduroys @ Main Hall - Thursday 9:30pm

Posted by Nika / January 11, 2007


Now personally, I’ve seen the name “The Corduroys” on a jillion Montreal show posters over the last few years. Who exactly is this band? Do they actually wear the fuzzy, linear fabric on stage? Are they soft and dated? Do they make a zwip-zwip sound when they walk? Let’s find out.

Who are the Corduroys?
The only thing permanent about their line-up is the ongoing couple at the head of the band, Danielle and Matthew. Ok, truth be told, Justin, the drummer, has also been a long-time member (but love stories are just so much cuter). Fans take note: the trio has finally found themselves a bassist, Ryan, and for the first time since their conception, Danielle won’t be playing the hand bass.

“The Corduroys”, how cute. But more importantly, why? A well-timed glance at a loitering children’s book, Corduroy the bear, and blammo, a band name is born. “It should also be noted that for 7 years of his life, Matthew wore Corduroy pants exclusively.”

Sounds like? “Matthew hates this question.” Smooth orchestral pop, sweet jangly guitars and melodic keyboard hooks. Vocals are shared by both Matthew and Danielle, just to make it interesting.

How did the music start? Like many saccharine-sweet love affairs, the Corduroys are high school sweethearts. Well, actually the affair started back in Newfoundland between Matthew and Justin and was strictly musical. Danielle joined later. “The Corduroys is just the longest lasting incarnation of a group of friends playing music together.” Awwwwww!

From Newfoundland to Montreal, who have they shared the stage with? Out East: Trailer Camp, Cherie Pyne, Vampires of Love, and the Coast Guard. Locally: The Spins, Papermoon, Lindy, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, the Famous Lovers, Subsally, The London Apartments and Harvee.

Can we take The Corduroys home after the show Thursday?
Two self-recorded, basement LPs have been released since 2003: Blue Sweaters and It's Cold in the City. But due to maturing tastes and the practice-makes-perfect principle, those two recordings aren’t in circulation any more. However, you just may find their recent EP Love What You're Left With on the merch table tonight, “which is a combination of newer songs and a few older recordings that we still like to play”.

Set times and show details? Main Hall (5390 St.Laurent), Thursday the 11th (tonight!). Doors at 9 PM and The Corduroys start the festivities at 9:30pm. Liz Powell from Land of Talk follows up at 10:15pm and the show ends with Faces on Film at 11pm. $6… repeat, ONLY SIX BUCKS. No excuses.



Robert / January 11, 2007 at 09:24 am
This is really a great idea. To interview bands before the show. Keep it up. This is my favorite site, blog, mag, related to Montreal.
Hilary / January 11, 2007 at 02:29 pm
I'm SOOOO excited to see this show tonight!
Meghan / January 11, 2007 at 03:44 pm
Soooo excited to see the Corduroy's tonight! i love their music! Meg
Hans / January 14, 2007 at 07:57 pm
Loving these informative features. Keep it up Nika!
Jordan / January 27, 2007 at 04:48 pm
Matthew rocks my world, i wish he would leave danielle for me
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