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Get Electric

Posted by Jer / February 15, 2007

TELmod.jpg(photo by Ryan Couldrey)

With so much juicy local talent around, it seems somewhat sacrilegious to promote a Toronto-based band. But, as a former Torontonian and current follower of sacreligion, here I go.

These Electric Lives is barely two years on the Toronto rock scene. So far, the two's haven't been so terrible. The band was featured as a top unsigned act on Myspace and included in a MySpace podcast. They've amassed thousands of "friends" on their site, which I believe is the internet age equivalent of "going platinum". They've even been courted by some heavy-hitting indie labels. But for now they're taking things slow and putting the finishing touches on their official debut EP (produced by acclaimed sound guru João Carvalho) before making any big decisions.

The guys from TEL met in 2004 at an audio production course. Putting theory into practice, they started tearing up clubs a year later with their infectious danceable rock. Their songs hint at influences like Bloc Party and Metric, and come loaded with toe-tapping rhythms (do indie rock fans tap toes, bop heads, or just glare mildly in a band's direction?). Gary Peter's punchy bass riffs and Adam Balsam's snappy drum lines drive the beat while Mark Stanfield's dramatic vocals, Bryan Lowe's intricate guitar work, and Griffon March's smartly placed synth textures round out the sound.

Now magazine said these guys were going to be big, but what the hell does Now know. I had a few questions for the band myself, to see if they were truly deserving of some Montreal love:

MP: So, just what is so electric about your lives?

Adam: Our indie rock hearts beat from electrical impulses sent via synapses in our indie rock brains
Gary: Yeah - it’s all about indie rock biology. Or you could take the philosophical approach: we live and rock therefore we are electric.
Mark: We prefer licking 9v batts in the morning instead of drinking coffee...

You've recently turned down a few offers from labels. Are you crazy? Or are you staying indie for the street cred?

Gary: There’s no need for any decent band to sign the first record deal that flies across the table at them. We’re not intentionally staying label-less. The right label can be really helpful to any band. We’ll see if that kind of label comes along for us.
Bryan: Myspace has been huge for us. It’s helped us reach so many people….it’s even acted like our booking agent and promo team along the way.

What can Montrealers expect from a TEL show?

Adam: Restless leg syndrome!
Griffon: Gary’s penis!
Gary: There’s a story there…last time we were in Montreal we all shared a hotel room. I inadvertently exposed myself in the morning. I don’t plan to do it this time, but you never know.
Bryan: Aside from the possibility of catching a glimpse of Gary’s bathing suit area, they’ll see 5 sweaty guys from Toronto up on stage rocking out and having a really good time doing it.

What's your favourite kind of poutine?

Gary: We should come to Montreal more often, because I didn't know there were different kinds! I have had poutine
with montreal smoked meat before. My stomach nearly exploded. But it was good.

Parlez vous francais?

Griffon: Un peu
Gary: Griff stole my answer. No wait…pamplemousse!
Mark: Un peu. Où sont les toilettes? I actually was in french immersion for years... and love any chance I get to break out my personal brand of broken franglais.
Bryan: My girlfriend is doing her Masters in French Linguistics…so I let her take care of that department. I have enough trouble with English as it is.

You have a new EP coming out soon (April). Does it rule? Or does it rock? Or, by rocking so hard, does it also simultaneously rule?

Bryan: A little of column A and a little of column B. We were fortunate to hook up with our producer Joao Carvalho. He’s been integral in helping us shape and refine our songs. I think this EP will be more representative of our live show and live sound than our earlier demos.
Mark: It's ok... I guess. I'm just gonna strategically play it down so when you hear it... it'll really, really blows your mind!

I hear you met the awesome old Dancing Lady at your last show in Montreal. She may not be there to support you at Lambi. How will you cope?

Gary: She won’t be at Club Lambi? I don’t know how we’ll cope. We’ve heard that she’s a bit of a staple at Main Madness, and if she dances to your music you’re onto something good. She danced right in front of Mark (our lead singer) for our entire set. We loved it. She tried to hug and kiss him between songs. Is that a really good sign? She was great.
Mark: I appreciated Gary asking the audience how to say "will you marry me?” in French...and other translations of my obvious love for this aged French beauty. She will hold a special place in my heart for all time.

Any band whose favourite french word is pamplemousse should be checked out. TEL come to town on Saturday night to rock Club Lambi with local outfits Ghetto Pony, Hot Auction and Data Beta. Check out this week's podcast for an exclusive track by These Electric Lives.



Ryan C. / February 18, 2007 at 01:35 am
lol, first time my photos have appeared in my own hometown. Toronto FTW!

That aside, these guys are the shit. Put on a fuck of a rock show, and the guys are really nice as well. They actually understand that their fans are what's pushing them further and further.
Chris / May 31, 2007 at 11:23 pm
we brought these guys down and they rocked lambi, unfortunatly the crowd had already left by that point, somethign that seems to happen a lot in montreal these days.....
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