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Hipster Tipping at Arcade Fire

Posted by Chip / February 11, 2007

The Arcade Fire @ the Ukranian Federation, February 9th, 2007

There’s no denying the energy that The Arcade Fire bring to every live performance. And for anyone who’s seen them in concert, or perhaps on youtube, that seems to be the common sentiment that always makes for a great show. Friday night was the 4th of 5 shows on successive nights for Montreal’s most well known indie performers, and given what we saw, I’m sure those who lined up outside l’Oblique in -20 degree weather the night before for the last few tickets would surely do it again – even with their impending sickness.

The show kicked off with the band sneaking up from the rear of the room, stopping in the centre of the pleasantly surprised crowd, and performing Wake Up, unplugged (that’s the video clip above). For a moment, it was like a giant sing-along with accompanying – if not slightly off beat – rhythmic clapping from the audience. Not a bad way to get everyone involved from the outset.

And everyone stayed involved throughout the show singing along and clapping in unison when prompted. No one even seemed to mind the new songs (from the new album, Neon Bible) interspersed throughout. An impressive performance of Haiti (off of Funeral) highlighted the early part of the set, but it was a thunderous rendition of Rebellion that nearly brought the Ukrainian Federation down. (Oh ya, this was the venue for all 5 of the shows – a great, intimate setting, complete with pew-like seating in the balcony to set the mood.)
If you don’t like the music, there’s always a lot to look at at an Arcade Fire show, including the band. At any given time, all 10 members are playing their given instrument and probably belting out the lyrics, with or without microphone (check out the video clip at the end). You can bet on a lot of sweating, jumping and screaming – activities shared by the band and their audience. Neighbourhood Number 3 (Power Out) finished off the set with a ton of energy and left the room abuzz for the encore.



J Mac / February 13, 2007 at 08:58 am
Love that first video. I spoke to someone who saw the show on Saturday and I don't think they did the same thing... so you should feel special.
Chip / February 13, 2007 at 11:41 am
I can't take credit for the video. It was indeed from the show, but I found it on youtube...and yes, I do feel special.
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