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Explosions in the Sky @ Le National

Posted by Jer / March 24, 2007

If the guitar is a phallic symbol, then the mothers of the guys from Explosions in the Sky must be worried their sons are gonna go blind. An EITS show is the ultimate guitar wank-fest, but the pleasure in Friday night's show at Le National wasn't just limited to those on stage doing the wanking.

I first came across Explosions in the Sky on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack; an incredibly unhip thing to admit, though significantly better than telling you about bands I discovered through the Varsity Blues soundtrack (oh James Van Der Beek, where are you now?). This is probably why I've always thought of EITS as movie music: the perfect score for epic climaxes and disquieting silence that films rely on. You put on an EITS disc and you suddenly start to imagine your life is on film and that something important, great, or horrible is going to happen.

Some bands have such a distinct sound that you can recognize them from a single note. In some cases, this is limiting and annoying. But this texas foursome has been at it since 1999, and their fifth album All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone shows little sign of limits. Like the title implies, the new material is lonelier and more isolating than their earlier work. When it's serene, it's spooky; when it explodes, it does so angrily. In concert, the band could be classified as shoe-gazers if they didn't spend so much time on their knees or on the floor fiddling with their fx pedals. They do rise to the occasion though, when the music calls for it, thrashing around the stage in buckets of distortion and bullet-like snare hits.

I could go on, making easy puns about noodling, knob-twiddling, and climaxing. Or could I joke about how the average Explosions in the Sky song is 8 minutes long. Instead, I encourage you to listen to the new album, or check them out next time they come to town.

Sorry. That was inappropriate.



james van der beek / March 25, 2007 at 12:44 pm
Hey, come on! I'm working hard - working on two features (War of the Dead & Eye of the Beast) and enjoying reading Midnight Poutine.

I'm also playing Jeremy Morris in the upcoming biopic.

Fairfax / March 26, 2007 at 12:57 pm
No way... you're telling me Dawson reads Midnight Poutine? Dawson, we love you! And please give Joey a call, she needs you back in her life, she seems to be under the thrall of a demented midget...

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