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Oh Man Man

Posted by MP / March 17, 2007

At first there was a girl all dressed in black, and she put a black mask on her head and picked up a big pink bunny. Suddenly, somebody spilled a beer on me, and Icy Demons started things properly. They jazzed and bopped and genuinely impressed the Parisian guy standing next to me. And finally there was Man Man. A tribal tennis team of polished musicians growling and meowing into microphones; playing sleigh bells with their feet and jumping (in unison no less) what seemed like ten feet in the air. It was a bit of a Circus.

Man Man is a collective of men and their instruments; sort of rock, sort of ska, sort of demented polka. They graced the soulless hall that is Club Lambi on Friday night, and I got to watch.

Most of their songs have a creative hook that kept me interested and waiting patiently during the less melodic moments of pounding music, so their uniforms and warpaint aren't all they have. But mostly I was mesmerized by the skill and stamina of drummer Pow Pow – who plays for Icy Demons too. He was out in the open, not hidden away in the back like an average drummer. Pow Pow was face to face with the demon-moustache that is Man Man leader Honus Honus; his movements traced the stops and starts in the music, as if he controlled the rest of the men with his hands and body.

The band turned into a chorus of singing Smurfs for Black Mission Goggles, and I find that is what I'm left with after seeing the Man Man show. I can't get it out of my head.

La! La! La! La!

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