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!!!, Holy Fuck & Telefauna at Les Saints 18/05

Posted by MP / May 11, 2007

20070511_chk_chk_chk-1.jpgBack in 2003, I fell for !!! when their single ‘Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)’ dropped. Both the title track and the B-side were whopping nine minute anthems of disco infused punk that used lyrical quips, clever horns, varying moodscapes and progressively anxious climaxes to help me forget the band’s ridiculous name and reel me in for good. It was also enough to get the attention of Warp Records, catapulting !!! onto the scene.

!!!, pronounced and sometimes spelt ‘chk chk chk’, come in somewhere between disco and punk; they play in the flesh guitars, horns and drums, and are generally guaranteed to spark a mean two-step (or two) from critics and anti-dance disbelievers alike.

Any thread dedicated to this genre on your local message board usually has a few people hinting that house music peaked when ESG used their live sampling to great effect on their seminal 1983 debut ‘Come Away with ESG’—but if that was true, then I wouldn’t be writing this.

After touring almost everywhere, playing almost every festival and releasing two albums, it’s hard to measure how far !!! have come since they first caught my attention four years ago. Their newest full length, Myth Takes, came out earlier this year and is decidedly less disco and way more Red Hot Chili Peppers—with an 8.0 Pitchfork score to boot. While you won’t find academia dissecting the album's lyrical notions, you will definitely find the kind of upbeat escapism that has all the right ingredients for a beer-ridden, sweaty live show. But hey, if the reviews are worth going by, !!! alone are worth the ticket price.

!!! arrives in Montreal next Friday (May 18) and are being supported by electro experimenters Holy Fuck from Toronto, and Telefauna, a local act that everyone needs to see. If !!! still enforce their ‘everyone must dance’ ethic, either through the music itself or via frontman Nic Offer’s reckless example on stage, it’ll be a post-raving rock circus for sure.

18 May, 2007
Les Saints
30 Ste-Catherine W.
$15.00 advance
$18.00 door



Neil / May 11, 2007 at 09:20 pm
Hey, great blog. I checked out the !!! website. Kick a$$! If only I lived in Montreal.

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