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Make out music to kill by: Nekromantix @ Foufs

Posted by Dave / May 12, 2007

nekromantix.jpgMP alumnus Sara Falconer reports on the Nekromantix May 11th show:

Yes, it's a coffin-shaped standup bass. But that's not impressive. What's impressive is that lead singer Kim Nekroman can play it with his tongue.

Which is one of many reasons I squeezed into the old tiger print mini-dress and headed to see Nekromantix at Foufones Electriques (home of the surliest bar staff and meathead-iest bouncers in the city).

Formed in Denmark in 1989, psychobilly icons Nekromantix have churned out six albums of hip-swingin', dark, hilarious hits like Gargoyles Over Copenhagen and Dead Girls Don't Cry.

If it sounds a bit wanky, it is. But they don't take it too seriously. They sing about girls, being dead, girls, monsters and girls. It's fun, sexy, swaggering and frantic, and everyone has tall, tall hair.

Live, Nekromantix brought all that and then some. It was a buttload of fun, although they had a slightly tedious tendency to descend into show-offy guitar twiddling and drum solos. A lot of screaming fans seemed into it, so whaddoiknow. It's just not my bag. Admittedly, my standards are mighty high after the exemplary Dwarves show this week.

Folks at the packed Foufs cave were intoxicated by more than just music, eyeliner and neck tats. While I was able to control myself for once, the collective blood alcohol level of the entire audience was off the chart. Random couples were full-on sucking face and groping, and about halfway through a guy stumbled over and puked on the girl beside me. It's a good thing Satan loves me.

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rrrobyn / May 13, 2007 at 01:06 pm
mp alumnus sara falconer reporting on crazy rock shows rules
Sara / May 15, 2007 at 03:59 pm
awwwwww ;o)

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