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Lavender Diamond@Sala Rosa 05/31/07

Posted by Omar / June 1, 2007


Illustration of Lavender Diamond from free comic book handed out at the show.

Risking getting too personal with the readership of Midnight Poutine, I reveal that I was in the emergency room twice this week with the horrific condition known as kidney stones. It was in excercise in ritual writhing, rocking back and forth and asking why God hates me. There might even have been about ten minutes or so where I spoke in'd have to ask Nurse Ratchet, I guess.

I disclose all this for one simple reason. The Lavender Diamond show at Sala Rosa last night, was the first time this week I cracked a smile.

It seemed destined to be a drab evening. It was low turn out. The crowd was sleepy. Poor scheduling meant that Lavender Diamond took stage around midnight. It was going to be a tough room for them. Almost as tough as passing a kidney stone, one might say.

Anyways, despite my recent discomforts, and the low-energy vibe of the audience, I find Becky Stark - the chanteuse behind LD - a warm and reassuring pressence. She even told the audience that it was okay if we wanted to drift off. She claimed that Lavender Diamond makes no distinctions between states of waking and sleeping. Deep, man.

Now I'm a card carrying curmudgeon by trade (most of my reviews end up with me complaining about show schedules or venues as you can see), but what can you do when you are asked by a cute girl in a long green dress to give a cheer for world peace? Really? What can you do? Become a giant asshole and sneer? What for, I ask?

Instead I smiled and sat back listening to these wistful Vashti Bunyan meets Velvet Underground compostiions with titles like Garden Rose, Here Comes One, and their most esquisite piece You Broke My Heart.

I hate to admit it, but hearing her belt that tune out, nearly broke mine.

Or maybe it was just those damn kidney stones.



scott / June 2, 2007 at 02:40 pm
ooof. omar you're a trooper for checking out the show despite repeated hospitalizations. good luck, especially with that whole world peace thing.
Jan / June 3, 2007 at 05:21 am

Hello Scott or any of Zeke's friends,

I found your mail on Zeke’s blog. I presume you know him personally. In any case, I am trying to convince him to delete ALL allusions about the court order he received – followed by a Outrage au tribunal as it seems.

This is serious legal matter, the guy ha to obey the order of the court.

I do not know him, but I have read hi blog over the years. And as I am not fluent in English, I am unable to add a lot about the basic situation.

You seem to be a friend, so please convince him.


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