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Ooooo, Metal Mama: Find Love at Katacombes

Posted by Amy / August 21, 2007


Okay Metal Heads, Wednesday night’s the time to crawl out from your dark lairs and spend the witching hour at Katacombes seeking out the Metal Mama of your dreams.

The DJ, Satannick, is a bit of a Dark Princess herself, booking shows and publishing a Xeroxed ‘zine called Morbid Tales. The next issue (#6) will be out this winter. When Satannick’s behind the wheels, you’ll hear everything from Motorhead to Celtic Frost to Metalucifer.

But here’s the clincher for you lonely long-hairs: On Satannick’s DJ night, Katacombes offers FREE SHOTS for ladies when they order beer (1 pitcher = 4 shots!). Don’t worry Gents, beer is cheap for you too ($9 micro-brew pitchers).

To seal the deal, Satannick slows... things... down... from 2 til close to create a rock-mantic atmosphere of heaviness, psychedelia and doom.

To sum up: Ladies who love metal and booze, and men who love ladies who love metal and booze, spend your Wednesday nights at Katacombes. Find love.

Katacombes: 1222 St-Laurent
DJ Satannick spins every Wednesday night.



michelle / August 25, 2007 at 04:27 pm
hey amy it's chelle here congats about your canadian idol thing i'm in canada at the moment visiting from the uk as unfortunately my father passed away i just wanted to drop you a line seehow you are find out what you've been up to. looks like a great deal! It's been a long time and i often think of you ( your hard to forget) i'm seeing don topping and fed tonight. I just signed up to that facebook thing if you're on that, anyway i'm at uni now doin health and social care and i'm also doing a night school course in photography i'm displaying some of my photographs in a small gallery in manchester city center where i live now so i'm happy about that but i can't get my head round losing my dad. he had cancer for the last 18 months but he only just turned 56 my mum is devastated. ireally hope you get this and i'm not just typing all this shite for nothing. take care luv chelle
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