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Drum ‘Til You Drop : Solo Drum Studio

Posted by Valerie / October 17, 2007

Originally, I used to believe rehearsal spaces were simply a couple of sound-proof rooms smelling like B.O...It all changed when I walked in Solo Drum Studio, an all-in-one rehearsal space - drum school - recording studio - and hangout place. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, the staff is helpful, and there are many items to rent - anything from instruments and equipment to music DVDs.

Walking in really feels like visiting a musician’s loft; it has records framed on the walls, a TV “lounge”, and stimulating wall colors. It also has a punching bag (?!), but the drumming itself is more than enough to let the aggressively out.
Since 1996, Solo Drum Studio has been offering low hourly rates, as well as a less strict, more inspiring and creative ambiance than most other rehearsal spaces in Montreal.
Solo Drum Studio has 10 different rooms, each equipped with a full drum kit.
Rooms are 10 different sizes, - perfect for my “don’t bother me I want to be alone with a drum” moments, or my “let’s all get together and bleed our ears out” moments. Another great aspect is for those days you just don’t feel like carrying your stuff around – whether it is a keyboard, a guitar pick or a China cymbal, they have a bit of everything available for rent.

Basically, Solo Drum Studio is making it fun and convenient for anyone, beginners or pros, to learn and play any kind of music. Now I definitely have no excuse not to jam...

Solo Drum Studio
7270 Hutchison



Lo / October 17, 2007 at 11:40 pm
The link didn't work...
how much by the hour?

thanks-- this is great to know
Valerie / October 18, 2007 at 12:28 am

I fixed the link, thanks for the heads up.
Take a look at their site - rates vary depending on what room you use..

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