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Retro Tuesdays @ Café Campus

Posted by Sisi / October 3, 2007

Photo: "Clubby" by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler Dorin Goian

When it’s not playing host to some truly face-melting local acts, Café Campus upholds a reputation as a purveyor of cheap thrills and even cheaper beer. This Plateau mainstay keeps the party going year-long with its weekly events, notably Retro Tuesdays.

Located near the corner of Prince Arthur and Saint-Laurent, Café Campus sits pretty amidst a motley crew of neighbors; 99¢ pizza joints, dépanneurs, a Jamaican curio shop, and a handful of overpriced Mediterranean restaurants jostle for attention in this trendy student corridor.

Café Campus has two rooms set on different floors: Café Campus proper (the discothèque, where people get to throw it down like it’s 1977), and Le Petit Campus (which houses the the concert stage).

Retro Tuesdays go down in the Café Campus room. There are two levels; the first is a dance floor flanked by bars, and the second is a U-shaped zone best used for people-watching and getting soused in relative peace.

Presided over by DJ La Grange, Retro Tuesdays are little more than an excuse to get crunk on ridiculously cheap beer specials: 1$ a beer, 7$ a pitcher. Throw in some retro tunes and a dance floor, and you’ve got a goodly crowd of college kids air guitaring in unison to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s all enough to warm my black, black heart.

Retro Tuesdays @ Café Campus
57 Prince-Arthur St. East
Opens at 8:30PM; drinks are 1$ a beer, 7$ a pitcher until 10:30PM.

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