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Broadcast Radio

Posted by Olivier / November 28, 2007

When I hear the words “Anthem Rock”, images of sweaty steelworkers fist pumping to Bon Jovi come to mind. As awesome as that may sound, I have recently discovered a less offensive take on anthem rock in the form of Montreal band Broadcast Radio. My fists are thanking them already.

Broadcast Radio’s self-titled debut album is chameleon music that would play just as well at the Bell Centre as it would at the Main Hall (which is in danger of closing, by the way). Proudly flying the anthem rock banner, this five-piece Montreal ensemble provides a more melancholic take on the genre, channeling U2 toned down a notch or six.

“In Control” opens the album emphatically with an ultimatum: either enjoy our unapologetic rock-out, or get the F out of here. While the rest of the album doesn’t quite live up to this bravado, there are glimmers throughout that suggest this young band has the potential to one day back up their bold claims. For example, “Blank Page” is a track that rewards the listener who sticks it out beyond the boilerplate opening with a surprisingly tender chorus.

Though the album could use some work lyrically, and one less reference to the Catcher in the Rye (I counted two), “New York” shows potential in an elegantly simple line: “Here we are, nothing to do, we're shopping for a life on Fifth Avenue”.

The band is currently in studio working on its next album, and with some evolution they may be able to please both fans of anthem rock and those who prefer consuming their Bon Jovi ironically. The buzz is that Broadcast Radio puts out a great live performance, so I’ll let the Midnight Poutine faithful know when the band announces their next shows. Fist pumping just isn’t as fun alone in your living room.

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