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DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Spin and Sell It Hard

Posted by Gabby / January 30, 2008

If anyone's ever been to a DJ set at the Metropolis, they'll agree with me that there isn't much to see from the floor. Or from the seats way in the back, for that matter. That's why they installed about six cameras around the two headliners' eight turntables. Last night, the two californians spun, thumped and pedaled their way into the hearts of Montrealers.

Montreal's very own Kid Koala, who narrated half of his set in french, opened for the duo with some very interesting songs. I hate to admit it, but I almost enjoyed Kid Koala's set more than DJ Shadow's. That may or may not be because he used much more of that trip-hop heavy bass and thumping I love so much.

The second part of the set began with a 10-minutes educative video on 7" records, including history and some technical explanations. The visuals were displayed on two massive screens behind the DJs, as well as on every TV in the venue. Every once in a while, the cameras would actually serve a purpose, including the camera hidden in Cut Chemist's wristband.

Five minutes into the first song, I had somewhat of a headache from listening to the same beat over and over... which brings me to my main point. Going to see a DJ set in a big venue like the Metropolis is going to a very crowded club: if you're sitting, it's not as fun.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist used tracks from every genre, from soul and instrumental hip-hop to funk, oldies, and world music. He also managed to sneak in remixed versions of "Try Again" by Aaliyah, "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters and "The Way You Move" by OutKast.

All in all, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Kid Koala did just what the person next to me kept saying: they "made funky beats happen". The sets were great, and even more enjoyable from the floor with a beer in your hand.

For a better idea, visit DJ Shadow's Myspace and listen to "The Hard Sell Snippet". While you're at it, drop by Kid Koala's Myspace as well.



Michelle / January 31, 2008 at 11:44 pm
Just wanted to add a word or two, since I got to attend via a pair of tickets given away by Minuit Poutine (i.e., the contest... and while I'm on the topic, thanks again!). I agree with every word in Gabby's review above: Kid Koala charmed & spun his way even deeper into the hearts of local fans, and the Hard Sell was anything but... they had me at hello!
Ayo / February 4, 2015 at 06:46 am
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