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Give me the Chills – Peter Bjorn and John @ Club Soda Jan 21

Posted by Jeff / January 22, 2008

Picture 315_MP.jpgPeter Bjorn and John are a Swedish indie rock band, formed in Stockholm in 1999. The current members are Peter Morén on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Björn Yttling on vocals, bass and keyboards; and John Eriksson on drums, percussion, and vocals.

They are best known for the 2006 single "Young Folks, which was a duet that featured Victoria Bergsman, formerly of The Concretes, and was a top 20 hit in the UK Singles Chart.

It’s been sometime since the Stockholm Trio, have been in Montreal in full form (John was missing from the MAY 2007 show @ the National) and having cancelled a presence @ last summer’s Osheaga Concert. Their presence was clearly appreciated, by the diverse all ages crowd. All seemed to smile together and happily bobbed there heads to each tune… everyone from the casual radio listener who's heard their luscious duet to the ever-so-trendy indie trickster was there. All desperate to see if the full trio's live show can live up to the standards set by their third album “Writers Block.”

With their “Canadian Beards” both Bjorn, and Peter seemed super excited and energized to move, jig, and sway to the beat of John’s drums; excited to give Montreal’s first full PBJ experience. They played numerous hits off the Album “Writers Block” and a few selections from past albums. All the songs are carefully produced and all have their own merits and character that make the live performance so majestic.

The opening drum beats of the aforementioned 'Young Folks' cause a flurry of dancing, and cheers, joined by Young Galaxy’s Catherine McCandless; who delivered perfectly to the natural tension of the male-female lyrics.

PBJ appeared with opening act; Young Galaxy; from the Canadian Arts and Crafts Label; which reps some pretty familiar home-grown talent, that has impressed the world.
YG; originally from Vancouver. Who were impressive in their own right. Seemed as gentle and modest as there music, introducing each song, and repeatably thanking the growing crowd for its great feedback. Having recorded their self titled album, here in Montreal, The alchemy betweens us all listening could be felt.

Like a voyage of discovery, through an unknown Galaxy - Peter Bjorn And John have taken six years and three albums to finally achieve some well-earned recognition. A bit more self-belief in front of a live audience and a truly dynamic force surely beckons. The show was fantastic; and made going out and getting the cold chills,, worth it, with warm thoughts of the objects of my affection

Peter, Bjorn and John's record "Writers Block" is available on Almost Gold in the US and is a joint release from Wichita/V2 in Europe.

Young Galaxy entire album can be heard for free on the Arts and Crafts website.


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phil lambert / January 25, 2008 at 01:08 pm
although they gave a pretty flawless show and that Writer's block is a pretty strong album, PBJ just didn't work for me live. i guess i just found them too gentle!!!

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