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Jane Vain & The Dark Matter @ Zoobizarre

Posted by Jeff / February 12, 2008

Love Is Where the Smoke Is, the debut from Calgary's Jane Vain & the Dark Matter. You missed them. They played on Monday night, and I'm telling you on Thursday morning. A little late, yet with love in the title it may be appropriate today. I know you missed them because there were not many people @ the show. Now defining Jane Vain and the Dark Matter’s style is not an easy task. The band themselves used to call it space folk as a joke until someone called it pop noir. Jane Vain’s sound combines pop, folk and rock and while the word dark often comes up to describe it, it’s also smooth and catchy, particularly the album’s tracks Don’t Mind Us and C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang. There's a point I'm getting to. There are 2 things you have not missed. Let me fill you in. It will be worth your while. Not vain or dark at all.

1. You missed the show, but they were tired. Montreal was the 11th stop on a 12 stop tour. The tour started in Calgary, and jumped east. The tiny Zoobizarre, with all its 15 people felt warm. The outside abandon St Hubert Street only housed the van they came in. They played well, but they were really tired. It showed. They have allot of friends here, and seemed to be happy about being in Montreal. So maybe they will be back again; hopefully. They would be a good POP Montreal band.

2. You can still get the album, or hear it to get an idea of what they sound like. I'm never one to enjoy labeling with "genres". So decide for yourself. Please let me know what you would call them. It gives me a modern feeling to folk. It’s got to be heard at an intimate setting. I like the pop noir reference. It’s nothing to jump up and jam to, but nice set back chill music with a pulse.



Jenni / February 15, 2008 at 05:18 pm
Oh! I they sound really good. I hope your right. I hope they come back.
mel / February 15, 2008 at 06:50 pm
pop noir for pop Montreal.. nice dude.. - I dig the sound
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