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I’m More than Slightly Stoopid at 311

Posted by Goran / March 24, 2008


I was super stoked for the 311 and Slightly Stoopid show at the Metropolis last Wednesday. I really wanted to see Slightly Stoopid. These San Diego reggae gurus have successfully eluded me for almost 5 years despite my numerous attempts at catching a show. It would appear that I am cursed.

Assuming that ‘doors open at 8’ meant ‘you’re lucky if the first act is on by 9’, I arrived at the metropolis just after 8:30 to a herd of exiting smokers informing me that Slightly Stoopid had just gotten off the stage. My fury consumed me until I decided to get over it and enjoy the headliners. As soon as they hit the stage, 311 gave me no excuse for negative feelings.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch these Omaha, Nebraska rockers in action on a number of previous occasions. Their shows are always a blast, and this gig was no exception. After almost two decades of mutual experience, the dudes in 311 are very seasoned musicians that truly understand the depth of their artistic capacities. I mean to say that 311 plays a real live show without significant sonic aid. 311 band mates are all leading experts in their respective fields. The result is a razor sharp sound and a technically mind blowing live performance.

It’s apparent that I can’t hide my bias about 311. These guys have inspired me since high school and their shows are amazing. Their only flaw would be a trend of songwriting deterioration with the last couple of albums. Despite recent hits like Don’t Tread on Me, Amber, and a chillin’ cover of the Cure’s Love Song, their tracks have started to sound as if they’re losing inspiration. Maybe the rock/rap combo just doesn’t do it for me like it once did, but 311's live shows are still hot.

Photo from flickr user Anziano311



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