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Return & Re-Inauguration: Team Canada @ The Blue Dog Motel

Posted by Goran / April 12, 2008


There was definitely a buzz with the in crowd about the reopening of St. Laurent’s legendary Blue Dog Motel and the triumphant return of local DJ’s, Team Canada, from international touring. The Blue Dog has always been a mystical place in my mind. I had heard much mention of Blizzarts’ grungier neighbour, but I did not have the chance to visit the Blue dog before it closed down more than a year ago. I was quite pumped to witness the bar’s grand reopening last Thursday night.

The mix of attendees made me feel like I was at the set of an Urban Outfitters photo shoot for an ad appearing in Vice Magazine. The serious cool cats seemed to be having a good night at the newly renovated discothèque. However, it was really just an average night out on St. Laurent. I initially blamed it on the uninspiring opening DJ and too much space to move. Throughout the night, trendsters filtered in to fill the empty space, but the party never reached the level of intensity I had expected.

Despite its new makeover, I would only consider giving my currency to the Blue Dog if it could offer hotter beats than it’s more attractive neighbour, Blizzart’s. It seemed that DJ’s Grandtheft and D.R. One were spinning to fulfill that need. They’d been getting some dope reviews and a lot of cred for hopping around the international party scene and making booties, such as the one belonging to Paris Hilton, wiggle. They played a solid set on Thursday night. Sadly, however, I was no more compelled to dance then I would be on any average night at Blizzart’s or Korova.

Team Canada showed promise with some of their mixes. Bouncy mash-ups like ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ vs. ‘Hollaback Girl’ and a hip hop remix of Feist’s ‘1 2 3 4’ had me thinking I was about to get down all night. They had me shakin' to classic Snoop and Dre tracks. You can't go wrong with ‘California Love’, ‘What’s my Name?’, or 'The Next Episode'. Unfortunately, for most of the night my bum's GPS could not locate my groove due to the interference created by generic 50 cent hip hop noise. They were the type of tracks that had the guests bobbing their heads and trying to look as tough as possible.

Photo from Team Canada



O / April 12, 2008 at 03:55 am
At least the other Team Canada won last night. Go Habs.

Cheap whiskey, too, but that still didn't make 50 cent any easier to swallow.

georges / April 13, 2008 at 06:06 pm
should have been there saturday night. well you always got next saturday!

that "photo shoot" aura which i also felt on thursday was gone and with it the shitty music.

i'm glad to say that if it keeps up the way it is saturday will belong to blue dog and thank god it will, i have been dying for a good saturday night in this city.

oshea / April 15, 2008 at 07:47 pm
as far as i know, team canada didnt play for more than a half an hour on thursday, it was some wack guest...

you should check out the friday, the stylusts killed it - good change from coda.
gt (team canada) / April 16, 2008 at 07:21 am
the "generic hiphop noise" that you heard was obviously not "team canada". our night is every sunday.... and the launch with us and thunderheist was awesome!!! see ya next sunday suckaaa

sunday april 20 @ blue dog mtl::: banana split featuring team canada djs (mtl), vndlsm (toronto) and duvall (mtl)
G / April 16, 2008 at 12:23 pm
My Bad...

I was told that I was goning to review team Canada.

Everyone there also said they were there to see team Canada.

One of the girls I spoke to said she used to date DR One and that he was up there spinning.

I had no idea what the Team Canada dudes actually look like.

So after putting all those facts together, I had been convinced that I saw a mediocre Team Canada.

In any case, I appreciate the pointers on what nights to go to the Blue Dog. I guess I still haven't seen Team Canada, and apparently they rock, so I'll just have to go soon and give them a better review.

If the rocking part is true, that is...
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