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Spring Sounds with Jason Collett

Posted by Jer / April 19, 2008

There are few things that make me happier than when the terrasses and patios start coming out in Montreal. Thanks to some warm weather over the last week, more and more of them are emerging from hibernation. And with them, various montréalais and montréalaises in various states of Springwear (including the dudes who jump the gun and wear shorts and no shirt while the snow is still melting).

This a long and winding way of introducing the Jason Collett show I was at on Friday night, but his music seems to me an ideal soundtrack for lounging around outside in the sun. The shiny folk jams on his latest album Here's to Being Here follow the pleasant formula he found with Idols of Exile (his previous disc), and they solidify his hold on the title of Spring's Official Troubadour®.

During his live gig, Collett is unassuming and a tad unsurprising. His performance doesn't stray too far from his recordings so audience members know what they're in for. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just makes for a fairly predictable evening. That's why the night's best moments belonged to the unexpected, spontaneous jams that popped up when the otherwise tight band let loose and diverged a bit from the script. Opening act Peter Elkas, a decent signer songwriter in his own right, joined Collett's band for the whole show and his handy slide guitar work provided some extra flavour as well.

At one point, the crowd shouted for Collett to play the Idols of Exile standout track "Almost Summer". He brushed the suggestion off, knowing that summer is still a few weeks away. He did, however, tell the packed Petit Campus how every stop on the band's tour has coincided with the first really nice weather of the season. Then, cheekily, he launched into the upbeat "I'll Bring the Sun".

I doubt Collett will ever achieve the notoriety of other solo Broken Social Scenesters (Feist, Emily Hanes, etc.), but that's because his modest folk pop isn't meant to command your attention. It just floats there, playing patiently around you as you drink your patio drinks and watch the crowd on the main stroll by.

®Spring doesn't have an official troubadour, nor do I know if she is looking for one. I have registered the trademark just in case in a blatant attempt at profit.

photo of Jason Collett by Sean Richardson, taken from the Arts & Crafts photo page.



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