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Tokyo Police Club - Cabaret - April 19

Posted by Valerie / April 20, 2008

The All-Canadian indie rock invasion sponsored by Exclaim magazine was taking place at Le Cabaret last night for a sold-out show. The three young and energetic bands present were Ruby Coast, Winter Gloves and Tokyo Police Club.

Ruby Coast opened up with a short set of happy and simple indie rock tunes that fitted perfectly into the evening's theme. The five members of the Ontario-based band look like they are straight out of high school but they perform like champs. They were able to warm up the young crowd efficiently, and it seems like they just have a lot of fun on stage - which is hard to find these days with all these bands who take themselves too seriously. +1 bonus point for playing xylophone on one of their songs.

Second was the most "mature" act of the night, Winter Gloves, a Montreal band I had never heard of. Apparently, I was the only one, because it seemed most of their fan base attended the show. I must admit I got charmed by both their "dancy" and their more serious songs, and I started liking them even more when I saw all the great bands they list as their influences on their Myspace page. Winter Gloves will be performing on April 23 at L"Escogriffe with another electro-rock Montreal band called Hexes & Ohs. I give another +1 bonus point to Winter Gloves for having pre-recorded handclaps on one of their songs: very cheesy and very 80s but still a lot of fun.

Finally came the young and innocent-looking Tokyo Police Club. Since their second full-length album, Elephant Shell, will be out in the next couple of days, the band took advantage of the occasion to perform many of their new songs. From what I heard, most fans will not be disappointed by this new record: Tokyo Police Club sticks to the same formula of short, structured and mostly upbeat rock songs. I must admit I was a little surprised to see the show was sold out, and to realize some of their upcoming gigs in the states are already full too. I guess it's good to know there are some kids out there who can appreciate Caandian indie-rock. My last +1 bonus point goes to the dorky keyboard player from Tokyo Police Club who was completely on fire. Oh and the light poles changing patterns and colors were great too.

Photos by Andrew Kyres

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