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Clinc @ Sala Rossa

Posted by Jeff / May 10, 2008

Clinic are a Liverpool based indie rock band noted for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound. So on a hot saturday night in Montreal, I made my way over to the cool Sala Rossa venue. Shearwater opened up the night while I chugged back 5$ Heineken's. I've heard of them before on a mix cd from Matador Records; who have the likes of bands such as Cat Power, and Yo La Tengo. Yet I never thought to look into them. I have now and I've learned since then they are a indie rock band formed in Austin, Texas in '99, and they put on a lovely performance. Next was my appointment with the Clinic.

I was happy to see the venue full. This band has received widespread critical acclaim, yet they have yet to break into the mainstream it seems. They were spot on with their acidic like vocals wearing surgical masks and Hawaiian shirts. Super calculated in the announcing of the each song, and not social with the crowd. After the show I wondered why they are so not social? I was told its been like this before; where they gave a cold performance and quickly left. Not sure what that all about. Clinic are on their North American tour promoting there new album Do It's.

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