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Killswitch Engage at The Metropolis, May 14

Posted by Jenny / May 15, 2008

There is a number of bands that have been around for a long time that I always fear will retreat into punk-rock retirement before I get the chance to see them live. I have already failed on one such occasion (Blink-182), so I’m trying to keep deceit to a minimum. In a fortunate turn of events, last night I finally got to see Poison The Well, an influential act in the hardcore scene that has been around for over a decade. The band has seen multiple lineup changes over its lifespan, and lead singer Jeffrey Moreira looks like he’s about one million years old (he’s really only 27) so, you know, I was always worried something was going to happen to them.

They were opening for Killswitch Engage, a band that needs no introduction.

There, perhaps, laid the problem. A band that came out of the same scene as Thursday was trying to win over a legion of real metal fans. The set was planned accordingly – numbers with the most growling and shredding guitars. The performance remained unconvincing: while tourmates Throwdown were asking fans to put their middle fingers up for no reason other than inciting a common sentiment of anger, PTW remained well-spoken and polite throughout the set. With The End completing the roundup, PTW was the odd man out: their fans wear girls’ jeans and listen to Saosin in their bedrooms at night. Killswitch fans listen to the kind of bands likely to appear on the Heavy MTL tour and haven’t been to the hairdresser’s since approximately 1982.


As much as I’m not into metal, I have to give it to Killswitch: they put on a great show. And their fans are so devoted. And wild. (If it’s of any indication, my friend lost his shoe in the mosh pit. During the subsequent search operation it turned out that someone had thrown it onstage. He had to go backstage to recuperate it.) Killswitch know their crowd inside and out. They know how to work it. You don’t have to listen to them under the covers at night to appreciate them. Just come to the live show.



Harold / May 16, 2008 at 11:03 am

j'y était moi aussi à ce fameux show et je dois dire que le seul band qui justifiait réellement ma présence était Poison the Well.

Moi aussi je devais absolument voir ces vétérans du hardcore avant de mourir ou qu'ils meurent eux. Le lineup de pièces m'a satisfait, même si le dernier album est beaucoup moins novateur, mais le manque flagrant d'enthousiasme du chanteur m'a un peu déçu.

Je voulais me rendre au bout du show mais un métaleux de 300lbs a réussit à me déboiter l'épaule dans l'action centrale... Je suis parti après throwdown.

Jenny / May 16, 2008 at 11:31 am

Have you and I met? Were we formally introduced at the last meet-up at Le Pistol? I'm thinking we need to either start going to these gigs together, or fight each other at posting first, whichever.

And yeah, same here: I really only went for PTW. They actually played Montreal 4 times over the span of the last year; each time my absence was justified either by my retarded work schedule or my shoddy immune system. But I rest my case: their set totally didn't live up to my expectations.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Are you going to As I Lay Dying tonight? Please have a good time for both of us. (I can't go - workworkwork.) Try not to get massacred this time.
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