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Sleepless Nights @ Bar St-Laurent 2 - May 14th

Posted by Sarah / May 15, 2008

Sleepless NightsI first saw Sleepless Night while they were doing their CD release tour back in February. It was my first time ever hearing the band at that point and I can honestly say that they floored me. It was an intense and high energy performance even though the crowd sat quietly and paid absolute attention. Last night they played at Bar St-Laurent 2, and I’m sad to say that something was off with the show.

Before I go any further, I must say that their latest album, Turn Into Vapour, is fantastic. In fact it’s one of my favourite releases of 2008 so far, and I honestly love the band. I was super disappointed last night because I brought a friend along and he didn’t think they sounded good at all. I spent the whole time trying to figure out what was wrong with this show. They sounded alright, and nothing was jumping right at me other than the fact that I was exhausted and don’t really like this venue.

There were a few less band members present at this show, and the drummer had to be a different one because I think it was him who brought the songs down. He clearly has never heard of a thing called subtlety because his beats were heavy and sounded like he should’ve been playing with a Metallica-like band. I mean, some heavy is good and I do love heavy sometimes, but this felt more like the percussions were dragging feet of someone who's hungover, in such a way that it didn't really carry the music so much as it kept it back.

On the album, the songs are driven by swift beats that carry the melodies and makes the songs run to fly. Perhaps it could’ve also been the sound balance that was off last night since the venue usually hosts for metal and heavier bands.

Whatever it was, last night this band disappointed me, not because they’re not great, because they are, but because I know that they can do so much better. I was however pleased to hear a few new songs that were added to their repertoire. I was also delighted to find out that the singer, Aaron Wallace, is Acadian just like me. That was nice.

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