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The Fall, Crash And Burning Of Troy, at Club Lambi, May 2

Posted by Jenny / May 3, 2008

You’ve all met him: a guy so cocky and full of himself that it’s actually kind of attractive. His confidence is magnetizing. Such is the case with Thomas Erak, lead vocalist and guitarist of prog-rock/mathcore trio The Fall Of Troy. I discovered the band after reading an interview with Erak in Alternative Press Magazine about a year ago. He came across as such a jerk that I thought it was hot. I looked his band up. Their latest release, Manipulator, had me hooked. Erak, it turned out, was somewhat justified in his inflated self-assessment: his idiosyncratic guitar style is beyond impressive.

Not so last night. I don’t know, maybe I’m the one at fault for walking into that show with high expectations. But the pacing was terrible (the set was plagued with technical issues and the band was literally doing nothing to fill the dead air between songs) and the setlist left a lot to be desired. When they didn’t play songs like “The Dark Trail,” “Quarter Past” and “Problem?!!” –tracks dripping with Erak’s signature sleazy, dirty, tongue-in-cheek lines– I was in dismay. New bassist Frank Black, filling in for former member Tim Ward, simply didn’t measure up on back-up vocals.

Add to this the fact that the venue, Club Lambi, was sizzling hot – literally, not metaphorically. It was only approximately one million degrees in there. Of the four ceiling fans in the room, only three were on… not that they were of any help. In the end, it was a combination of unbearable hit and a lamentable set that made my mascara run. I have not been this upset by a show in a long time.



Jenny / July 9, 2008 at 04:56 pm
*unbearable HEAT

My apologies.
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