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The Return of Bell Orchestre - Performing with So Called, Saturday May 17th

Posted by Sarah / May 16, 2008

Bell OrchestreIt's been about two years since I've last seen Bell Orchestre play live. They've been on hiatus for a few years now, the band members being busy exploring various musical avenues. It must be said that no time was wasted in this down time. They have been trotting around developing some new projects like The Luyas, working on new albums with Torngat, while others have been touring the globe performing sold-out shows with Arcade Fire. This Saturday May 17th, they will return to the stage at St-James United Church, performing with So Called as part of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival.

This show marks a threshold with the Montreal Chamber Music Festival. In an effort to broaden the horizons of the festival and bring in a new crowd, they are expanding the definition of what we know as chamber music. At first, I was wondering what these bands had to do with the musical style. Then I looked it up on good ol’ Wiki and found out that while it was traditionally the classical styles that ended up in this genre, it also includes art music, which brings bands like So Called and Bell Orchestre into the chamber style.

Artsy they are: while Bell Orchestre fits the chamber style in a more contemporary version of classical music, So Called stretches the boundaries of hip-hop by adding in instruments like the accordion and the piano to a Yiddish rap.

They will be performing at the beautiful historic St-James United Church down on Ste-Catherine. The gorgeous building has recently been restored and it’s a fantastic venue to bring in great acts like these ones. A little birdy told me that Bell Orchestre has been working on new material and are currently working on a new album. I'm really excited to see what the last two years experience has brought to this band and how this will influence the music they're producing now. This show is not to be missed.

Photo courtesy of New Music Canada

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