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Sandro Perri @ Sala Rossa - June 16th (Suoni Per Il Popolo)

Posted by Sarah / June 17, 2008

Sandro PerriIn an effort to check out at least one act of Suoni Per Il Popolo this year, I went to see Sandro Perri play at Sala Rossa last night. So it was nothing completely new to me since I’ve seen him live three times already. However, the fact that his live performances make me want to see him play again says something. In fact, I’d go see him play live again.

The first time I ever saw him was when I discovered him as an opening act for one of my favorite bands, Do Make Say Think (who, I must say in the sidelines, put on some of the best live shows I’ve ever seen – but that’s another story).

I rarely fall for an opening act, but this one was one of the best live discoveries I’ve ever made. In fact, I liked his music so much that I bought one album and one EP right then and there. His album is fantastic and really worth listening to. He’s been getting increasing buzz, even making it to the top of the R3-30 chart. I was also pleased to see that his album Tiny Mirrors is long-listed for the Polaris Prize this year, which is a deserved honor indeed.

Sandro Perri 2.jpgMy first impression was that he sounds a bit like a nice blend of Chad VanGaalen and Patrick Watson. He’s got a great acoustic thing going, but also loves to indulge into some electronic additives and divagations. The thing that really strikes me in his music though is definitely his amazing talent for writing absolutely brilliant lyrics. He has a beautiful voice and the last two times I saw him live, I could definitely detect strong Jimi Hendrix influences in his guitar playing. I also enjoy the fact that every song on his album has its own distinct feel to it: they don’t all sound the same.

Last night’s performance was great, even with some slight technical difficulties. We witnessed his first time ever breaking a string (apparently), which limited the songs he could play afterwards. His live show features the wonderfully skilled musician multitasking on his guitar (which was spiced up with added on electronics), a few pedals and a bass drum, adding up to a pretty full sound for a solo act.

It was a short opening act and I would like to have seen more, but alas, he had to leave the spotlight to legendary musician Michael Hurley. He managed pretty amazingly without the high E though: I couldn’t even notice anything was missing from his music. The bass was a little high for my liking in the sound balance, but once again, Sandro Perri managed to level up to the bar with yet another great live performance.

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