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Introducing Miss Missy Higgins

Posted by Paloma / July 23, 2008


Don’t let her name betray you. Missy Higgins is no southern belle. Actually, she kind of is, depending on your definition of south. The singer-songstress from Australia has already won over everyone down under, and she’s making her way into the northern hemisphere.

It'll be interesting to see if she breaks into the bigtime in North America & Europe -- although she may already have; unfortunately (?) I don't listen to radio or watch TV. But who knows, one of her songs recently appeared on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. She has two studio albums and a bunch of EPs out. A quick google brings you to tons of her stuff, like the supercatchy "Peachy". You can probably expect more piano/guitar-driven goodness at her show tomorrow night.

Missy Higgins with Eric Hutchinson and the Midway State
Thursday, July 24
Les Saints
30, rue Ste-Catherine O.
8 p.m.

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