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Diary Of An Osheagaer

Posted by Valerie / August 7, 2008

Sunday August 3rd

3:30 PM:
I arrive right on time for N.E.R.D.. I am impressed at how much these guys really know how to party. Too bad it’s so early in the day, perhaps people would have enjoyed it more if it was a night. I wish I was on stage with all the other girls for She Wants To Move.

4:30 PM:
Time to get my first overpriced beer! I sip it verrrrry slowwwwly while enjoying the space-rock of Spiritualized.

5:00 PM:
I try to get close to the stage for Metric, even if this is probably the 6th or 7th time I see them. Once again, I am quite pleased with their performance, except for their slow version of the song Live It Out. Also, I am not a big fan of the blue spandex suit the singer Emily Haines is wearing.

5:45 PM:
My brain is telling me to go see Duchess Says, but my stomach is telling me to purchase an African hot dog. Whenever there is such a dilemma, my stomach usually wins.

6:15 PM:
Catch a little bit of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Not my cup of tea, but always enjoyable in a festivalesque circumstance. Reminds me of Macy Gray last year..


6:45 PM:
I am afraid Cat Power will have a mental breakdown and refuse to play at the last minute. Luckily, she is just a bit late. I am fascinated by her mystique ways and how her talking voice is exactly the same as her signing voice.

8:00 PM:
IGGY POP! Wow. Nuff said.

9:00 PM:
Telling myself I have to go see at least one band I don’t know, I choose to go check out Booka Shade at the MEG stage. I'm really not disappointed with their electro tunes, and I find Sisi in the crowd, being just as musically satisfied as I am.

9:30 PM:
I put my indie rock attitude on the shelf and decide to sit on the hill and watch The Killers play. Not disgusting, but not impressive either.

11:00 PM:
Now that the Killers are done, it’s time to partay! Direction: Old Port.

11:30 PM:
I get in line for the MEG Boat. The very aggressive security intimidates me. I feel invaded as a guard checks every single compartment in my bag.

12:30 PM:
The boat leaves Quai Alexandra. Everyone on board looks sharp and ready to dance all night long.

1:45 AM:
Busy P and DJ Funk are definitely the crowd's favourites. I'm kind of tired from all the dancing - time to grab a good ol' Guru.

3:30 AM:
Still on my Guru adrenaline, I get back on land. It’s time for a delicious 4AM poutine at La Banquise, followed by a well deserved night sleep.

Monday August 4

The Go! Team


Radio Radio


4:00 PM:
I get to the MEG stage right on time for The Kills. Even if I like them, I’m not in the mood for that kind of rusty rock’n’roll right now - I'm still sleepy!

4:15 PM:
Time to meet up with fellow MPoutiners Paloma and Jenny, while watching my favourite Winnipeg-based band, The Weakerthans.. The cloudy weather suits their country-rock perfectly.

5:00 PM:
I am sitting on the hill and I still feel really blah. I should get up and go see something else than The Black Keys, but laziness wins me over.

5:30 PM:
Now I have no choice but to wake up and go see MGMT. When I get to the MEG stage, I am pleasantly surprised to see so many people sharing my interest for this band.

MGMT performing "Kids"

6:15 PM:
I run out of the mud to go see the last few songs of Gogol Bordello. As I expected, the singer is shirtless and the crowd is really into it. Oh European party animals, you're always welcome here!

6:45 PM:
After the gypsy punks, time for Duffy, the Wales princess. I'm in awe of her impressive voice and her general fabulousness.

7:45 PM:
I can feel the fatigue coming back to me - it’s time to shake things up with The Go! Team. I only make it for the end of the show, but I do have enough time to notice how much fun these guys seem to have on stage. All that positive energy works great on me, and I can’t help but put a smile on my face.

8:15 PM:
A meal is long overdue. I settle for the veggie burrito and hope it will fill me up because I am running out of dinero.

8:45 PM:
Time to catch the end of another show! This time, it’s CSS, and again, I can’t complain. They might not be the best musicians in the world, but they do what they do well. It looks like a lot of people ditched Jack Johnson to come dance in the mud with CSS instead.

9:00 PM:
I make sure not to miss the Moncton-based hip-hop act Radio Radio at the Three stage. Turns out I am really happy with my detour once again - their accent is cute and they have a pretty good flow.

9:45 PM:
I can’t feel my legs anymore, but it would be wrong to leave before Chromeo... The pain is becoming unbearable..

11:15 PM:
After hearing most of my favourite Chromeo songs, I decide it is now time to end this wonderful journey. Depsite the pain, the mud & the dirt, I head back home, already thinking about what next year’s lineup should be like…



R. / August 8, 2008 at 01:51 pm
would midnight poutine reviewers stop referring to Gogol Bordello as Russian? Two members might be of Russian origin, but their music has NOTHING to do with Russia. They speak Russian in Eastern Ukraine, where Eugene Hutz is from...
i hope you people aren't being paid.
valerie / August 8, 2008 at 06:14 pm
You're right, I actually should refer to them as "Ukranian-Russian-Israeli-Ethiopian-American-Thai American-Chinese Scottish-Ecuadorian-Japanese Romanian"
I changed it to "European" just now.
Hopefully this won't offend the American, Ecuadorian, and Ethiopian.
Sisi / August 8, 2008 at 09:13 pm
As a Chinese Scottish Ukrainian I am deeply offended!
And damn right I was musically satisfied with Booka Shade!
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