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Osheaga Live Blogging - It's Raining Bands

Posted by Jer / August 3, 2008

It's just past 6:30 and the rain has held off so far. In fact, although I'm hesitant to use the S word in public, I think I just saw a glimpse of the sun.

Despite the inclement forecast, there's a slew of Midnight Poutiners here, trying to document the rockfest that is Osheaga for the benefit of those who couldn't make it. I had hoped to live blog throughout the day but I can't find a steady connection. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I've been bopping from show to show, not spending too much time in one place. This is mostly on account of a 1 year old that's decided to tag along with me. It's not exactly a family festival, but there's plenty of space for Osheaga-ers with little ones. I'm pretty sure there's nothing less hipster than bringing a kid to a rock fest. Maybe white socks and sandals, which thankfully, I left at home.

My advice to festival go-ers, not looking or not able to crowd surf, would be to park yourself at the meg stage. It's small and intimate, though there's more room than at the Etage des Arbres. There's also a quaint sheltered area in case the rain does hit. And the line up over the two days is impeccable.

Iggy and the Stooges aren't there though, so you'll have to hit the mainstages at some point. Which is where I'm going now.

photo of luke doucet taken by victor tavares from his label's press page. luke played on the tree stage earlier today

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