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Sarah's "Not-to-Be-Missed" List - Pop! Montreal

Posted by Sarah / September 30, 2008

Pop Montreal.jpgThe happiest time of year is upon us folks. No, I'm not talking about Christmas or about the lovely colours of fall. It's Pop! time everyone!!! For the past three years that I've been living here in Montreal, this has been a 5 day period where the rest of my life stops and all that exists is music. Last year I think I went to see 11 shows in 4 days. I was a mess at work for a little over a week, but it was all worth it. Best time EVER, and it all starts tomorrow night!

So I know there's a lot of bands to see, and the long lists can be confusing, especially if there's a lot of those bands you don't know. Where do I go? what's really worth seeing? you may ask? Well today I'm giving you a shortcut to some of the shows that I think are going to rock most out of the whole festival. Keep reading to see the point of the iceberg of yummy music shows awaiting you over the next few days. Go ahead, get multi-pop-stamped and see as much as you can. Most of the shows are really affordable and this is an investment in fun and personal culture like no other. We're so lucky that our city is the host of one of the best music festivals, so don't be afraid to join the masses and rejoice. Five days go by fast.

Multi-pop-stamped.jpgWednesday, October 1st

- Gadji-Gadjo @ Gymnase, 10:30PM; best tsigane/gypsy band I've ever seen in my life and GAMIQ winners for Best World Album).
- Duchess Says @ Maison Radio Canada/Studio 14, 8:00PM (the show is sold out, but if you managed to get tickets, you're going to have a wicked time. Also GAMIQ winners for Best Show of the Year). Show canceled due to health issues.
- Woodhands @ Portugese Association, 1:30AM (If you're looking for a crazy dance party, this is the place to be)

Thursday October 2nd

- Mardeen @ Barfly, 23:40PM (One of my favorite East coast favorites. Also on the bill that night: The Superfantastics and Two Hours Traffic).
- The Dears @ Masonic Temple, Midnight (On the brink of launching a new album, this is their first show in a while around here. Should be great).
- Jason Collett @ Petit Campus, Midnight (Sexiest folk/rock show I've ever seen. That man makes me hot in some places AND his music is really great. Arts & Crafts Fellow.)

Friday, October 3rd

- Wax Mannequin @ Bar St-Laurent II, 9:00PM (Strange fellow, but totally interesting music)
- Hot Springs @ Divan Orange, 3:00PM (FREE SHOW! Hot Springs are also playing Saturday Night at Cabaret Juste Pour Rire).
- Hey Rosetta! @ Gymnase, 1:30AM (These guys have put together the best album I've heard in 2008. They are fantastic and some of the most talented Canadian musicians I've ever seen. Go see them)
- Radio Radio @ Petit Campus, 2:00AM (These guys will get your booty moving in ways it never has before)
- Wintersleep and Sebastien Grainger @ Théâtre National 9:00PM (Two rockin bands you'll love if you don't know them already. Also on the bill that night, GAMIQ winners Bonjour Brumaire).
- Julie Doiron and Chad VanGaalen @ Ukrainian Federation, 9:00PM (Jeremy said it all in his preview. I also love Julie Doiron)

Saturday, October 4th

- Forest City Lovers @ Le Cagibi, 9:30PM (Absolutely enchanting band. I love their album).
- The Luyas @ Casa del Popolo, 11:00PM (Great local trio that's definitely worth discovering. Also playing earlier, the same day at Divan Orange).
- The Youjsh @ Parc des Princes, 11:30PM (Fantastic jazzy/klesmer/yiddish band).

Please be advised that the times specified indicate the start of those particular bands' sets. There's lots of great music to check out before and after those bands at the venues, so get there early to really get your money's worth and run the chance of discovering new bands YOU could tell us about.

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