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POP: D'urb - (H)er - ville!?! I've Never Even Seen Her Ville...

Posted by Goran / October 1, 2008


In most jurisdictions, I'd get thrown into jail for giving you this insider information. Fortunately, la ville de Montreal has granted me diplomatic immunity until Oct. 5th. And since I know you probably didn't get your hands on a Nick Cave or Irma Thomas ticket, you're sitting there ignorantly wondering where to go tomorrow (Thurs. Oct. 2) night. As your attorney, I advise you to rent a very fast car with no top and drive at top speed down to the Jupiter Room (3874 St. Laurent). In these centrally located, economically priced, and extremely cozy confines, you will find the next best Pop gig of the night; southern Ontario's hottest indie-pop-rock sensations, the D'Urbervilles.

Suspiciously, you look me up and down. You don't even need to open your mouth as your eyes reveal your perplexity. Fear not. You've made a wise decision in appointing me as your attorney. Just because they hail from Guelph doesn't mean that they're hippy Hillside Festival-going hillbillies. Even if they were, it would be an embarrassment to all the Queen St. dwelling T.O. hipsters to know that the tightest sound in Canadian indie rock is coming from a group of four bohemian jokels.

Their sound effectively and comprehensively combines all the dopeness of the indie rock spectrum. Part pop, part electro, part post-punk, and all awesome. The bouncy tracks will surely induce you into more corporal movement than usual MTL scenester head bob. Sometimes you'll feel like Jim Morrison came back from Pere Lachaise and reunited the Doors to start a wickedly energectic, Hot Chip inspired, pop punk band. In this amazing parallel universe, Ray Menzarek sedated his light-my-fire-esque organ licks and Robbie Krieger learned how to play power chords. All the while, on smally swampy planet in the Dagobah system, Johnny Densmore explored (inter)stellar pop beats in a spiritual journey with his rhythmic guru, a Yoda-like Questlove.

In case you require further convincing, these twilight zone farmers will be preceded by Amos the Transparent (Ottawa) and David Martel (MTL), and followed by the Black Hat Brigade (T.O.). For the first time in infinity, a trans-dimensional porthole will open at the doors of the Jupiter Room crica 8 pm. You really don't want to miss it. Fear not for your attorney and his insider trading ways; his immunity is intergalactic. And just in case you're still looking for something awesome to do tonight (Wednesday), stop by La Tulipe for a You Say Party! We Say Die extravaganza with MTL's Winter Gloves and Beast.

Photo from D'Urberville's myspace



Sarah / October 1, 2008 at 11:02 pm
Love that article Goran!
High five!!!
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