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Sylvie & METZ @ Club Lambi - October 18th

Posted by Sarah / October 19, 2008

Sylvie.jpgI don't know if any of you feel the way I do these days, but lately Fall has been getting me down. Not in the bluesy sense of the term, but I just have this intense desire for hibernation and have a super hard time getting myself to do anything productive. Well let me tell you that last night's gig gave me a nice hard kick in the rump. Today I feel energized and ready to take on the workload.

I've been waiting to Sylvie pop into town for a few years now. But since they don't tour so much as bands from the central part of the country I had to be patient, but gosh was it ever worth it! The Regina band is launching their brand new record, Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences, this coming Tuesday, and have undertaken a pretty extensive tour for the occasion.

First and foremost, I'd like to point out how much l'ambiance at Club Lambi has improved. I always sort of disliked the venue because the room was sort of uninviting and the lights always sucked. However, last night I was pretty impressed at how a few minor tweaks can make a world of difference to a room. Nice work!

Metz.jpgSylvie is a fantastic band to see live if you enjoy the harder trends of Indie music. Their music is dark and nicely layered with two male and one female vocals, the range of harmonies is pretty narrow and doesn't spread in superfluous ways. The beats are hard driving and the music is intense without succumbing to extreme melodic fluctuation, rather relying on powerful repetition and hard-hitting beats. Lucky for me, I didn't have to wait until Tuesday to buy their new album since they had it on sale last night. The record is great and more than lived up to the previous one. Their live performances translate into an excellent and energetic rock-show with a band that moves and plays very well.

Following this great of a band is never easy, but last night I was floored by METZ, a band I had listened to a little bit previously on their website, but didn't think I'd like at all. After the first few minutes of their set though, I was standing in the front row with my jaw to the floor. The Toronto trio plays a really really heavy and noisy rock, but for some reason, there's something undeniably Indie about their live sound. I can't really pin-point it now that I'm listening to some of their recordings, but last night I'd be willing to say that they sounded a little bit like Sonic Youth and sometimes even reminded me of my old-time favorites, Tool. Their style is a bit along a similar alley as Sylvie, but definitely much harder.

The METZ has a truly interesting experimental style and their live show felt a little bit like, pardon the expression, being nailed really really hard. I can't really see myself listening to that type of music on a regular basis, but last night it was powerfully liberating. How refreshing it was to see an Indie band that's willing to throw in the extra dose of dirty grungy sounds on top of a potent base of dark and heavy hard-rock! It's definitely a strand of Indie-rock that's a little deeper underground, but totally worth the trip.

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