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i heart Canadian Music

Posted by Jer / November 2, 2008

iheart music - an insightful and perceptive Canadian music blog - has just released it's 2008 "Hottest Bands in Canada" review. It's actually a meta-list, since iheart solicits lists from dozens of bloggers coast-to-coast (disclosure: MP was included too). Everyone sends in their top ten hottest bands (with the definition of "hot" and "canadian" up to the individual blogger) and iheart compiles the result into a 33-band round-up.

Like the bloggers it polls, the list is a tad biased towards English indie rock (especially from Eastern Canada), but it's a pretty decent snapshot of what's happening in Canadian music this year. We could debate who made the cut (or who didn't), but ultimately the list is more useful when used as a way to discover a few talented domestic acts that may have escaped our ears this year.

Definitely check out the full list here. There's plenty of downloads and entertaining commentary from a variety of bloggers. But for discussion's sake, here's the top ten (and can I just say that it's good to see local rockers Plants and Animals getting a bit of revenge on Caribou after he robbed them of this year's Polaris):

10. Born Ruffians
9. Shad
8. Fucked Up
7. Woodhands
6. Tokyo Police Club
5. Bruce Peninsula
4. Holy Fuck
3. Caribou
2. Plants and Animals
1. Chad VanGaalen

Well, what do you think? Are there other bands that are hot right now that are missing in the top 33 that we should know about?



Sarah / November 2, 2008 at 02:25 pm
Hey Rosetta! is definitely missing from the list. Their album Into Your Lungs is the best album I've heard yet this year.
Also, where's Jason Collett, Karkwa? Those definitely deserve to be on there too.
Garnet / October 15, 2009 at 12:10 am
needs Animal Nation! check out their new music video! it's amazing! google Animal Nation
Erin Johnson / November 19, 2009 at 03:56 pm
how about Papasean?
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
"Movin' On" by Papasean Johnson (Blues/Rock Artist from British Columbia, Canada)

"Movin' On" is the latest album from Papasean Johnson. It is an album recorded in the Blues/Rock style of a generation past, with catchy guitar riffs over driving beats coupled with energetic and loud vocals. "Ain't No Friend of Mine" combines elements from 50's rock with a contemporary edge in a rock song that really swings. "Young And Restless" is a grittier song that reminisces about the good old times of youth. For "Still Love That Girl" we find a more traditional blues song that is adapted into the groovy and loud style of Papasean Johnson. Overall, "Movin' On" is filled with a plethora of cool riffs over rhythmic beats that lie somewhere in-between straight-rock and dance-rock. This album is a good find for people who enjoy the likes of ZZ Top or other high tempo Blues/Rock acts.
-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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