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Justice & Firends - Metropolis - Oct 28

Posted by Valerie / November 2, 2008

Despite the rain-snow combo and overall crappy weather, Metropolis was once again sold out in honor of the all-mighty French duo Justice. Having an excuse to tour with the launch of their documentary DVD "A Cross the Universe", Justice brought along some more Ed Banger DJ buddies: So Me, DJ Mehdi, and Busy P.

Visually, there's not much to expect out of an evening of DJ sets. Being in the mood for some dancing is the only requirement – and the only outcome - for going to such an event. Sometimes it can be disappointing, like when Calvin Harris recently DJed here, but when Justice get behind their Macs, nothing can really go wrong.

Each of them continuously changing turns on stage (on which they had their own bar!), Justice were definitely the best DJs of the night for playing the most danceable tracks and having the least downtime in their sets. As for the other three DJs, I appreciated the diversity of their song selection – ABBA, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Daft Punk, Hot Chip, DJ Funk, Vampire Weekend, and much more - but their beats weren't always constant, which created a lot of useless pauses.

What makes a DJ set show successful is really the people present, and I hope Justice are thankful for having such party animals for fans. The room consisted almost strictly of suburban teenagers, all developing a possible alcohol problem. Another detail that struck me is how many French people were there, enjoying the sounds coming from their motherland.

The same trashy-party animal spirit seems to be what's coming out of the “A Cross The Universe” DVD. According to the trailer, Justice seem to really bring out that energy in people, and that's what makes this DVD intriguing, whether you like them or think they're lame.

The question that comes to mind in terms of lameness is: would it be considered wrong or right to play your own tunes in a DJ set? Too tired to stay until 3 AM, I don't know if Justice played their famous tracks D.A.N.C.E, Phantom, or even We Are Your Friends, but they did play a few of their other songs. Is it pretentious or acceptable in small and elegant doses? Either way, these Frenchies are just as popular today as they were last year when their first album came out, and that itself is a pretty good achievement.

Photo taken from the band's Myspace page.



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