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M for Montreal - Opening night !

Posted by Jeff / November 20, 2008

As I sit here and wait for another music festival to start I think: why am I here so early? .. I also think in Montreal we just can't seem to get enough of music festivals, or the celebration of good music for that matter. Maybe its because we are a passionate culture clashing, music loving bunch. So much so we can't seem to stop producing great music and that's good enough reason to have a festival. The M for Montreal festival works almost as a scouting service for people involved in bands or music who are big dreamers and want to go on adventures around the world playing music. How does this happen ? Well firstly they invite a panel of over 40 International delegates from music buyers, to scenesters, other music festival heads, in hopes of exchanging and sharing what great music we are making up here in Montreal. Also vice versa keeping us in know for what's on the go. Then they invite great acts in which we may or may not be saavy with, but what better time to see them then now? A night where you can see 6 bands in one venue! Tonight @ Studio Cabaret the following bands will playing! to kick of the first night of the festival. Continue reading for more info ! on each band tonight!

8:30 pm Les Dales Hawerchuk, is a rock band from Quebec of the same name as Dale Hawerchuk the NHL player, who was a junior star in Quebec and played for the now dead Winnipeg Jets. They released an album in 2005 of the same name, with the image of Hawerchuk in a retro Winnipeg Jets jersey as the cover art. These guys are like hockey, hard hitting French rock beats to simply have fun with. Nothing to serious here maybe as tough as Sylvain Séguin
9:05 pm Sweet Thing - I myself am not to familiar with this group, but anything described as a show-stopping 11-piece dance and party band can't be bad right ?.. big sound, big energy, music to dance to all night sound like fun to me.
9:40 pm The National Parcs veterans of Montreal's celebrated Freeworm, have gone into the wild – and come back with a look and sound that's as big as the world.
10:15 pm Pas Chic Chic just before they head off on a big European tour we can see these elusive rockers ! made up of members of two other well-known Montreal post rock outfits, Fly Pan Am and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, so it's no wonder their songs are layered and on the smoother side of things.
10:50 pm Lioness not so much Montreal but ever wonder what happened to controller.controller and No Dynamics ? Well, the rhythm section of the former along with the lead singer of the latter now comprise Lioness , Toronto's newest bass-busting disco rock trio
11:15 pm Duchess Says The band describes its own genre as "moog rock". I've seen them live 3 times now and it's just sheer entertainment to watch lead singer Annie-Claude do her thing. I mean she does her thing weather you like it or not. That's Rock baby.

I will post a full update shortly after the show to let you all know how it went! as per sound, crowd reaction, and performances. With the world watching no doubt it's going to be a good one! I hope you all can make it !

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