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M for Montreal / M for Midnightpoutine

Posted by Valerie / November 18, 2008

For its third consecutive year, M for Montreal went for many local crème de la crème musicians to put together four eclectic showcases between November 20 and November 22. Merged into this Montreal music celebration will be a T for Toronto section, introducing some of Toronto’s finest emerging artists as well.
Here’s what you can find at M for Montreal:

November 20
Alternating between Cabaret Juste Pour Rire and the next door Studio.
Tickets: $12.50

8:30 pm: Les Dales Hawerchuk (energetic French hockey-inspired rock’n’roll)
9:05 pm: Sweet Thing (poppy indie rock from Toronto)
9:40 pm: The National Parcs (organic hip-hop)
10h15 pm: Pas Chic Chic (sophisticated French indie-pop)
10h50 pm: Lioness (Toronto female-fronted upbeat rock)
11h25 pm: Duchess Says (loud rock’n’roll animals)

November 21
Still at Cabaret / Studio.
Tickets: $12.50

8:30 pm: Chinatown (melodic French indie-rock, apparently this will be their last show in town for a while)
9:05 pm: Arkells (textured indie-rock from Hamilton)
9:40 pm: Winter Gloves (charming indie-rock)
10h15 pm: Beast (rock riffs and sensual female voice on hip-hop-ish beats)
10h50 pm: Woodhands (sexy Toronto electro)
11h25 pm: CLAASS (We Are Wolves members and DJ Jordan Dare performing live electronics)

GOSSIP ALERT: Misteur Valaire (French electro-jazzy-hip hop) are said to be performing a closure set shortly after midnight..

November 22
Afternoon show at Foufounes Electriques.
Tickets: $10

3:00 pm: Colin Munroe (Toronto poppy-flavored hip hop with instruments)
3:35 pm: Radio Radio (New Brunswick hip-hop party animals with a bit of electro)
4:10 pm: Red Mass (experimental rock collective from Toronto, affiliated with CPC Gangbangs)
4:45 pm: Gatineau (badass French hip-hop)

At night:
M for Metropolis.
Tickets: $19.50

8:30 pm: Coeur de Pirate (young French piano queen)
9:15 pm: Jon Lajoie DJ set (comedian, everyday normal guy)
10 pm: Karkwa (French indie-rockstars)
10:45 pm: We Are Wolves (highly danceable electro-rock)
11:30 pm: Pierre Lapointe (theatrical French singer)

It’s important to remember that several music industry executives from all over the world will be attending these shows, and they take crowd response to bands into consideration when deciding which artists they want to eventually deal with. This is why our duty as Montreal citizens and music-lovers is to go and encourage the acts we are proud of.

If all these shows seem too interesting to miss out, 3-day passes are available to purchase for the reasonable price of $40.
Stay tuned to Midnight Poutine for more on this very exciting edition of M for Montreal!



Sarah / November 19, 2008 at 09:33 pm
Are you going to be covering this Val?
If so, I'm SOOOOOO jealous. I wish I had the time to go.
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