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Matt and Kim - Lambi - Nov 6

Posted by Valerie / November 10, 2008

Matt and Kim is a band I can call its members by their first names without the risk of sounding completely weird or pretentious.

Even if their music is as simple as it can get, with only a drum and a keyboard, Matt and Kim have a strong weapon called happiness. Watching Kim play her drums might make you want to think she’s some very angry or aggressive person, but when you look at her face she has the biggest and most honest smile you’ve ever seen. As for Matt behind the keyboard, he looks like a child in desperate need of Ritalin.

Because the power-pop / dance-punk Brooklyn duo only have a handful of songs, the set only lasted for close to 45 minutes I believe it was a good thing, given that Matt’s voice gets somewhat annoying after a while, and that it’s almost impossible for two people to smile constantly, even if they’re really as happy as they seem to be. Despite the short set, Matt and Kim’s good mood was definitely contagious, and absolutely everyone is the room got infected.

Some of the happy campers in the crowd participated in probably what was the evening with the most crowd-surfing in the history of Club Lambi. What they probably didn’t realize is that Lambi has a ceiling fan right next to the stage, and from where I was standing, it looked like these people had their head way too close to the fan. I was afraid I would be a witness of a seriously bloody head-spinning accident, but because Matt and Kim are nothing but gore, it didn’t happen. Some other kids couldn’t stop jumping on stage, and it got to the point where Matt himself had to tell them to get off. This is what happens when you drink too much lemonade I guess.

After the show, I felt like I had eaten way too many Fruit Loops, but at least, all my problems had gone away. I also had the song Yea Yeah stuck in my head for another three days. As for the opening band, Best Fwends, well let’s just say they were…special. They sang and danced like they were on drugs but they were sober, their music came from an Ipod, they had giant creatures on stage, and their band used to be called Diaper Bra – I think you can get the idea.

As much as I appreciate all the positive energy that comes out of a Matt and Kim show, I really wonder how these two can keep playing gig after gig without loosing a single drop of their now-famous happiness. Doesn’t Kim PMS sometimes? Don’t they ever fight? I’d really be curious to see that happen someday.

Photo taken from Matt and Kim's MySpace page.

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