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O'Death and Elliott Brood - Sala Rossa - Nov 3

Posted by Valerie / November 7, 2008

I rarely have the guts to go see an entire show of bands I don’t know, but this one was too intriguing to pass on. The only information I had before going to Sala Rossa was that Elliott Brood were Canadian, and O’Death made a memorable stop by rural Abitibi as part of the Festival de Musique Emergeante a few months ago.

When O’Death came up on stage and I noticed they had a violin player, I automatically got afraid they were going to be as bad as Yellowcard. It didn’t take long for me to realize O’Death was absolutely nothing similar to the awful Florida band. The violinist was splendidly playing his instrument as he was jumping up and down – that’s what I call multitasking.

Energy-wise, the whole band was actually quite at it. It was nice to see that even if these guys are pretty much always on tour and could be completely fed up, they didn’t look blasé at all – they were so into it, next thing I knew they were shirtless halfway through the show.

Describing O’Death’s sound is quite hard, but I would go for country meets gypsy meets punk, kind of like if the early Against Me! and Louise Attaque merged together. Every song is deconstructed in several little parts; all very melodic and filled with melancholic choruses that smell a lot like Whiskey. A few slower, less entertaining tracks were dispersed throughout the set (one of which was written for a member’s girlfriend who recently died) but most of what we had the chance to hear was really upbeat and danceable.

After the pleasant surprise O’Death was, Elliott Brood came up. They were extremly happy with how many people came out on a Monday night to see them, and it really got them pumped. In-between songs, they kept on telling jokes and interacted with the crowd, as opposed to O’Death who were plain silent. Unfortunately, even if Elliott Brood’s guitarist played bass with his feet – yes yes, with bass pedals - impressive! – all of their songs sounded pretty much the same.

Still, Elliott Brood and O’Death were a perfect match for this show: both energetic, both had awesome sounding banjos, and both were playing feet-tapping, comforting and heart-warming country songs that really do make you want to go to work hungover the next day.

Photo taken from O'Death's Myspace page.



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